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EmmaThomson 15 Features Review

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These days, EA have presented a bunch of new features that will added to FIFA 15 Coins. So

far, we have known a pile of new additions. EA is working hard to perfect FIFA 15. Last

week, we have read a lot of new features, next-gen goalkeeper, match day live, Premier

League, career mode, more legends and more. You may forget the features what they

listed before. So today, we will review the incredible visuals for FIFA 15.

In FIFA 15, you will see a level of detail in player’s faces which hasn’t been

possible before, thanks to an all-new physically-based rendering lighting system.

There will be noticeable hair movement and facial reactions. New character models and

rigging system means players look and feel lean, powerful and athletic. Kits move

realistically and change with the environment, becoming dirty with mud and grass as the

match progresses.

Boots will leave their mark. Playing surfaces wear down over time and reflect the

battle on the pitch. Footprints, debris and slide tackles will be visible. The stadium

has seen a few improvements as well. Corner flags now move. And goal frames shake with

awesome strikes. Animated LED boards give an even deeper level of realism to matches.

Though there are not much details they revealed, we can still watch the trailer posted

on website. However, we are excited to see these changes-though small. They make the

game much more real like we were in the real stadium, playing football with our

friends. Fortunately, we are able to see these changes cause we know FIFA 15 XBOX COINS  EA is trying their


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