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New Group Running EOTE-BG

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I'll be GMing for a group to run through Escape from Mos Shuuta later this week. It will likely be a one off event for this particular group. Some of them may run with it, but it's really just an exploratory game and something to do. It won't be too serious, but I'd like for them to have a good time. 


I've been reading some of the thoughts on the forum and have some pretty good ideas about where/how in the adventure to change things up for difficulty, pacing, etc. My question is about the pregens themselves. I have a group of 4 I will be GMing for.


Should I exclude any of the BG Box characters in favor of the bonus downloadable characters?


I've read in a few posts that Oskara and Lowhhrick together can make short work of things pretty easily. A lot of this really comes down to the dice I suppose, but the damage/hit on Oskara's weapons seems high in comparison to the other characters. At least Lowhhrick has to mix it up in melee. I don't have a problem with them wasting the adventure (though I would like for it to be challenging), but I don't want one character to really outshine the others. I'm contemplating trading Oskara in for Mathus. 


Good idea? Bad Idea? Doesn't matter one way or another? Other Suggestions?

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Follow up and Spoilers Below. Full session report. 


Game Completed. We lost a player before the session and I just gave them the choice from all 6 available characters. They Chose Pash, Lowhhrick and Mathus. I'm sure we got some of the rules wrong along the way, but every had a good time and they completed the scenario successfully. Spoilers below


They started off by failing miserably to hide. None of them went for the strength in this regard and didn't have great chances of success to start with. Pash couldn't get the closet door open, Mathus made the twitchiest cool check ever attempting to blend in and Lowhhrick failed to charm to dancer. THe fight that followed was uneventful. The gammoreans got dropped pretty easily. 


They proceeded to the Junk Shop where all attempts to negotiate with the owner failed except gettting punched in the face by a Wookie. The PCs collected a part for their broken spaceship. 


I steered them toward Command and Control after that, assuming Pash would know they would either have to head there or bluff their way out from the cockpit to get the ship unlocked. They found the side entrance and skipped any attempt at stealth know...talking to anyone. Lowhrick rushed in and took Brynn captive ( i went with opposed brawl check), Mathus found the computer he needed easily and unlocked the krayt fang and Pash took one shot at a droid from the doorway. Lowhrick proceeded to knock out Brynn and they all retreated. Pash took a good hit in the back from blaster fire, but they mostly escaped unscathed. 


The group made it to the water tower area and 2/3 failed to blend in. Mathus was justa as jittery as he was in the cantina and Lowhhrick decided he wanted to climb the water tower some. Pash managed to distance himself. They were spotted by storm troopers who proceeded to shoot at the wookie on the water tower, getting a really solid hit. Pash fired back missing, but knocking a canopy down near the STs causing some general chaos (lots of advantage). Lowhrick lept off the water tower without trouble to close on the STs (Short range, lots of success and advantage) and followed up with an killer attack (again lots of success and advantage) Killing two of the three storm troopers. Mathus was retreating a bit, from the second group coming up another street into the central area, ducking behind the water tower support. 


The remaining trooper in group one dropped his rifle and grabbed his vibroknife to attack Lowhrick. He got another solid hit, but lost his knife in the wookie's side before he was dispatched as his friends were with Lowhhrick's axe. Pash took a volley of shots at the newly arrived group killing one ST, hitting another in the shoulder forcing him to drop his rifle (Triumph disarm), and scaring the 3rd a good big (Upgrading difficulty of his next attack from advantage spent, another excellent roll). Mathus took a shot at the group as well ending the disarmed ST. It was an easy thing for the group to clean up the final trooper at this point. 


The group grabbed a few working rifles and Pash grabbed a com link and managed to trick the imperials into thinking they were be delivered to warehouse besh, though they were expected immediately. This likely only bought them a few minutes.


Proceeding to landing bay aurek, Pash took the part and confronted the droids, claiming to be there to install it to which the droids called Trex down. Trex bought the story and Pash was able to disable the droids as he passed to the ship. (Mathus had succeeded a computers check to know how to shut these particular droids down and rolled enough advantage to make it easily teachable...). Mathus and Lowhhrick joined Pash in the ship. Mathus moved to install the part which now that he examined it...was not the correct part. In their haste they never checked it out. Luckily the R5 droid was rounding the corner with the correct part stolen from it's master. (It was getting late, and I only wanted to teach a lesson, not punish the group this time out. Also they ended up putting the droid in engineering for the 4th player in the space battle.)


Trex was dispatched by two players without too much trouble in a few rounds. The stormtroopers showed up at the landing bay just as trex died, but the group got a heads up on the com link they stole and was able to not linger. They moved into the space combat stage, which they won. It seemed weak for a finale, but that was my fault. I wasn't as familiar with that portion as I could have been. 

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