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Rules clarifications - couple of questions...

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1. If there is only one manager competing for the Goblin Tribal Leeg tournament, does that manager "win" the penalty as well as everything else on the card?


2. When there are only two managers playing, the rulebook says to draw four stadium cards. How does that work, considering there are only two highlights to compete for? Does the active manager just choose which stadium to place the highlights on?


3. If you make a tackle on a player with 0 star skill, do you still roll two dice? (and can a player with 0 make a 0-skill tackle?)


4. When vampires attack their own players, do they still roll tackle dice?

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1. Good question. I tend to think managers are only supposed to collect the tourney payout at their trophy based on the Note on page 13 where it says "instead of only collecting the payout for his team zone." Since tourney's don't have team zones, that rule doesn't apply, but that's just a personal interpretation.


2. Remember that you are drawing four highlights for 2-player game and once the managers have committed players to two different matchups, you discard the other two without committed players, so the unused stadiums would just remain in place with no highlight until the next round. While it's not in the rules, it goes without saying that the zones and their payouts in a stadium without a highlight are ineligible for committing players 


3. Yep. Roll the tackle dice. It will probably always be 2 dice with the roller choosing which to apply, but there is always a chance for double x's. Basically consider 0 the lowest number rather than a null, so a zero player could make a tackle.  :)


4. Yep. It's still considered a tackle attempt and there is always a risk you will roll XX and have it backfire on you.

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