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Srgnt Kurgan

Youtube vid demo of a play

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I found this on youtube, it's a short video of an example of the play.



(Keep in mind that only 1 card can be discarded as a shield card).


Warlords at planets:

At 8:20, he is talking about something interesting: when you have a warlord in this example on the 2nd planet, whomever wins a battle there won't claim the planet (because only the 1st one can be claimed), but he does talk about activating the planet's special ability.


I think that's cool, it gives people more incentive to send warlords on certain planets to be able to activate the planet's ability (only if they win the battle there though).


Question then: can the planet ability be used more than once in this case? Say it's the 5th planet, and as the game progresses, someone always puts a warlord there. Can the planet's special ability be potentially activated 5 times?   :)


Command struggle benefits if warlord is not present:

Nice thing at 7:30 also is that there doesn't have to be a warlord on a planet to get the draw cards or draw tokens benefit from that specific planet. All you need is you need to win a command struggle there to activate planet's benefits of card or token draw.


Looks to me like it's going to be a nice ramp-up token and card game, with each round getting more and more tokens and cards!


This gets me thinking- maybe you don't need to necessarily fight for the first planet right away during first round. Maybe it would be better to spread your armies across a few planets to get more card draws or resources, so depending on what hand you have, it gives you a lot more options and strategies. I think this game in comparison to Warhammer: Invasion seems to have a lot more "choices" of tactics for the player.




There is also a gencon video that is longer, and has an awesome example of command struggles and a battle starting from about 7:30


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Yes, you can activate the Battle ability on, say Osus IV, as many times per game as you win a battle there - whether it is the first planet or not. I really like doing this with the planet Carnath as it says "Battle: Trigger the Battle ability of another planet in play."

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