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Netrunner Internet Resource Guide

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I thought it might be helpful to compile links to the various forums, podcasts, etc. Let me know what I've missed. I'd like to eventually flesh this out a bit and make it similar to the new player thread in the Game of Thrones forum. 




Breaking News

Run Last Click










Game Video


Team Covenant



Cascade Collective

Bad Publicity 


Forums & Discussion



Board Game Geek





Important Articles


Runner Deckbuilding

Corporation Deckbuilding

Understanding Ice

The Three Phases of Netrunner

Glacier Ice

My Secret Love Affair with Jinteki: Personal Evolution


Card Databases





Official FFG Resources


Netrunner News

Video Tutorial, Rules & FAQ

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Doesn't matter. FFG will probably shut down most of these anyway. Even when they promote FFG's games for free! I'm thinking of moving away from FFG's products and another company who does care about it's community can have my custom instead.

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FFG shutting down "most of these" seems like an exaggeration and claiming this thread doesn't matter because of anything that's happening right now is simply false, the vast majority of sites listed still being active and quite helpful.


Aside from that, I don't feel we need to voice our opinions about FFG shutting down Netrunnerdb in every seemingly (but not actually) related thread.

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For another show under podcasts, SanSan South is a great one that covers all facets of the game.


Thank you for posting this as I'm a newcomer to the Netrunner scene, trying to break in the best way possible. Cheers!

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