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Gen Con- Vs. System LCG

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Not an FFG product, but for the curious-




TL;DR- Upper Deck Entertainment is selling core sets for a Vs. System LCG.


One thing we didn't mention was the possible (likely) legal issues surrounding the "LCG" term. Hopefully someone will ask for comment tomorrow at the In-Flight report, if not I'mma just do it myself :)

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Vs. was huge in the day...eclipsed magic for a short while. I loved the game and the community but Upper deck had some shady things going on and VS. suffered because of it.


the "living card game" term tells me upper deck hasn't learned much in all those years.

I mean as soon as I saw the pick I was surprised that they were using that term...and they were selling cards with this on them?



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Hi, all- I've been cross posting a bit with this stuff. Just in case you don't visit Cardgamedb or Boardgamegeek, here's some info if you're interested-


At the FFG In-Flight report, I asked Christian Petersen if FFG had licensed the LCG model to any other companies, to which he replied "no." The bottom line is, LCG, Living Card Game and all of those terms vis a vis hobby gaming are FFG's intellectual property.


We had a chance on Saturday to talk to UD Entertainment's "Corporate Message Guy" at Gen Con, mostly to ask him about the potential "LCG" legal issue (there's also a website called Gamersledge that did a live interview with him that matches a lot of what we heard). We're preparing a quick follow-up to our post from a few days ago with some thoughts and learnings, but a couple of hits for the curious:


*I asked him about Christian Peterson of FFG's statement that no companies had received a license to use the LCG brand (noting that their big Vs. sign had the "Living Card Game" part covered up by a little thing that said "Gen Con 2014"... touche). He stated that it was "definitely an oversight" and that the game won't be called a Living Card Game when if it's given a wide release (he then did a sales pitch for the LCG model without using the term LCG, so there's that)

*He sort of positioned himself as the creative impetus for reviving Vs, so we asked him some follow-ups

*Re: Mike Hummel's original "vision" for Vs. as a framework system for a multi-property comic book TCG, he said that there will definitely be "no DC," but that they'd expand the original vision to include other UDE properties, e.g. Aliens vs Predator and the Ubisoft catalog (Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy, etc)

*Re: The bizarre lack of communication from UD and the sort of "thrown-together" nature of the release, his response was that they specifically wanted to see if a limited Vs release could sustain itself on word of mouth alone

*Re: Support through organized play, UD's intent pretty much sounds like it was recited word for word from Anton Torres's numerous interviews with ICV2

*Re: The reprints with no new content whatsoever, his response was that there was a lot of desire to do this printing, but it had to be done inexpensively (at the risk of editorializing, my friend's private response to this was "so all they did was hit "print," then")


Make of those what you will- I think at this point, all opinions (positive and negative, especially re: lack of demos) are very valid, especially considering the weird way in which this thing was launched, but our major takeaway was that the company is at least pretty serious about giving Vs. a fair shot. We're both about 90% confident that we'll, at the very least, see a core set released- anything beyond that is completely impossible to predict at this point.

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