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An Issue With The Minis

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So here's my problem with the minis as someone who's played the computer game: there is no model using the basic rifle (the assault uses a shotgun and the support uses a pistol), and the heavy sports the one-shot TOW launcher instead of their signature LMG.


Suggestions for improvement that I would offer are the following. Screenshots are provided for in-game reference.


1) Put the heavy into an LMG firing stance from the games, and obviously firing an LMG instead of their launcher - I feel that's more characterful and a better representation of how they're played in the computer game.


2) Put the support soldier into a stance representing either talking on a communicator, carrying a medkit, or using a proximity scanner or some such "supportive" action, or, alternatively, into a rifle firing pose (again, obviously changing their weapon to a rifle) from the games.

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