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Astral Projection and Items.

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Hi all new to the forum and pretty new to Wiz War as well.


So i was playing a again against a couple of friends and the following situation came up:


A friend used Astral Projection to get into LOS with me and threw a Boomstone at me, my question is Astral Projection talks about a target spell, so does that mean he can throw a Boomstone at me or does it have to be a spell?





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Hi! Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the community :)


First important observation: Astral Projection is not only useful to get LoS. It could help also in other cases (spells having a range equals to a determined number of spaces, or spells that can be boosted if you're in a specific sector when casting). Not so sure if the nuance was clear; in case, sorry for being picky :)


As for your query, the interaction between Astral Projection and Boomstone: it's not possible, sorry. Astral projection allows you to "move" the point from which you "cast 1 target spell". Hence, it must be a spell. Boomstone is not a spell, but, as you stated, it's an item, hence, you cannot use it. In the same way you cannot use Astral Projection for Punching.


Please also note that target is also important: you need the spell to have the wording "target XY". For instance, you cannot play a spell like Yoink in this way. But you can clearly use Astral Projection with Lighning Bolt, and so on.


Hope this helps :) And if you hav further queries, ask! The first WIz-War experience can be a little messy :)

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