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List of Published Star Wars Adventures

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Is anyone aware of a list of published adventures for any or all of the various Star Wars RPGs?


I'm already aware of this site, but it only contains a list of adventures available on the web. I'm hoping to find something that lists adventures that were published in books.


I'm doubtful it exists, but it's worth a post.


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I'm going to divide the list by different versions of the game. Right now my SW RPG stuff is all in boxes, since I'm preparing for a move, so I can't check as thoroughly as I'd like, but here goes.


Edge of the Empire

The Jewel of Yavin

Beyond the Rim


Saga Edition

Four (?) of the sourcebooks had scenarios is them.

The Dawn of Defiance campaign (ten scenarios) was published in PDF.


D20/D20 Revised

The Tempest Feud

The Living Force Campaign--more than sixty published in PDF and hard to find now



There were a lot of modules for this game. Here's a site with a good list.


Also, the fourteen (fifteen?) issues of the Star Wars Adventure Journal all had scenarios in them.



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I'd never heard of Dawn of Defiance but it looks pretty good! Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to adapt on the fly to AoR, or as a bridge from an EoE game.


It's maybe a little bit linear compared to what I'd prefer, at least from the quick look I took, but I definitely think I'll pepper in the episodes into my own game. 

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