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Several Rules questions, loopholes?

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Hi everyone.  I've played 6-7 games of Star Wars, The Card Game and have come across several confusing situations.  Can any experienced players take a look and help clarify some of the cards?  Thanks!


Objective card – “Corporate Exploitation” – “Focus this objective to put a unit of printed cost 1 or lower into play from your hand” – It already has a “Resource Generation” value of 1, so you could play a Unit of 1 without using the objective’s special power.  It appears that this is a worthless power?


Order of attack – Assume Player 1 is the attacker.  Player 2 puts up a Unit to defend.  Player 1 wins the Edge Battle and has enough damage to destroy Player 2.  Does Player 2 still get a chance to execute his defensive attack?  Or does the destroyed Unit lose its ability to fight back?


Trench Run enhancement – It seems unreasonably easy to win the game if you get the Trench Run card early.  It usually takes at least 14 points of damage for the Light Side to destroy 3 missions.  Is it possible to play a Defense Upgrade enhancement to boost the Death Star damage limit from 10 to 13?  The Trench Run enhancement clearly states that it is not an objective, while the Defense Upgrade specifically mentions Objective.  If you get the Trench Run enhancement early in the game, it appears to be an Automatic Win. 


Home One Unit – When an attacking player uses Home One, does the damage to the “other enemy objectives not currently engaged” count as the one attack against the objective?  Or would the attacking player be allowed to deal damage for a second time in the same round with a different attacker?


Decoy at Dantooine Objective – Does the special power for this Objective come into play it is destroyed.  The objective says “When an objective you control leaves play, decrease the Death Star dial by 1 (to a minimum of 1).  It would seem that the power is gone when the Objective is destroyed, but the rules aren’t clear.


Reconnaissance Mission – “Your reserve value is increased by 1.” – Do we pick to 6, discard 1, and then replenish to 7?  Or do we pick to 7, discard 1, then pick up 1?


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Corp Exploitation: the value of the effect is that you can use it to deploy a unit outside your deployment phase, during say your conflict phase, or on another opponent's turn.


Order of Attack: Destruction is immediate. If your only defender is destroyed during player 1's first attack, it leaves play immediately, during that attack. When it comes to your attack turn, you find no eligible defenders left to strike with, so you must pass your attack opportunity.

Trench Run: you're probably playing that all card effects (like Target of Opportunity) are allowed to apply damage to the Trench Run'd Death Star, which is incorrect. The FAQ helps with this. The only damage that can be applied to the Trench Run's Death Star is that which comes from combat icons and any unopposed bonus. Also, if you go the Trench Run route, you're restricted to just one engagement each turn against it, which makes it easy for the DS to decide what to defend with - everything. While it's fun to play with, I think most people find it easier to win via objective kills rather than via Trench Run, especially if you can get multiple unopposed bonuses happening via multiple engagements per turn (which is a possibility with Rebel swarm).


Defense Upgrade - can only be attached to an objective, not a death star.


Home One Unit: need to be careful to distinguish between engagements (max one per turn against each objective) and attacks (multiple per engagement). If Home One is attacking during an engagement against objective A, it gets to apply 1 damage to objectives B and C via its effect. It's irrelevant whether these objectives have been engaged previously this turn, and also doesn't restrict you from engaging them later this turn.

Decoy: Yes it does. Interrupts are triggered and executed before their triggering condition is resolved. So in this case, you get to resolve the interrupt (decrease dial by 1) before the triggering condition (the objective leaving play) actually resolves and it leaves play.


Recon Mission: Rules are pretty clear (pg 12) - discard 1, then draw to your reserve value (which is now 7).


Hope that helps.


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