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Looking for players in/around Calgary, AB (Canada)

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New player with one Core set and all of the deluxe house expansions looking for some players in the Calgary area for casual play.


I am aware of the Calgary Living Card Game group (which these days primarily plays Netrunner, which I am not interested in), and that I could also post "player wanted" ads at the various game stores and clubs in the area (Sentry Box, Revolution, Imaginary Wars, Trilogy Gaming Club, etc.), but wanted to see if there are other AGoT LCG players in Calgary who frequent the FFG boards. I would prefer to play in a residential setting rather than at a store (my schedule does not always allow me to attend LCG nights at the Sentry Box, and I find that playing in a store can be a bit distracting), if at all possible (after first meeting for a drink at a pub to see if we would "click" socially… not sure you'd want a total stranger coming to your house without meeting them first, or that I'd want one coming to mine).


I have played the HBO version of the game quite a bit so have a good grasp of the main rules, but have yet to play the LCG.


Thanks for your time.


EDIT: originally posted a similar version of this post in the Meta thread, but thought it would get more visibility here, so reposted… that's how desperate I am to find players!

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Well, from Calgary... but not there anymore.


The last time someone reached out with this same question, it was (username) BARF on the cardgamedb boads. You could try to message him directly (although he specified 'alberta', so may not have been Calgary).


Aside from that you can list your name on the 'find players nearby' thread - I do know there are a couple Edmontonians that just posted. I also happen to know there's at least one Thrones player who shows up at the Sentry Box LCG nights (brings decks to get the netrunner/invasion players to play with him), and given that that community is probably your best bet for tracking down any others, I recommend you try to show up at least once if you can work it, if only to touch base. The Sentry Box is a pretty awesome place...

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