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will these be reprinted again

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I've just ordered all of the minis I could get my hands on, but 8 were already out of stock.

Will these be reprinted? I need to complete my collection or else I'll never play those 8 investigators again ;)

It seems unlikely. You can get unpainted ones by buying the Mansions of Madness games. Between the core game, Forbidden Alchemy, and Call of the Wild expansion, you can get all eight you need.

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I'd also love them to get reprinted. I am missing more or less 10 of them, though I've found some in a Romanian shop and bought them with some help of a local gamer.


Also the new 4 investigators of MoM2E should be released (and that would complete the 52 investigators of the upcoming Arkham Investigators book).


...and a new expansion or mini-expansion to Arkham Horror with their investigator sheets.  :)

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