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New to the game...

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Yesterday 3 friends came to my place.
Two of them play SW LCG since the beginning and have every single card twice/all expansions etc.

Well; I am a gamer and Star Wars was my very first movie in the cinema so...
I ordered 2x core set as a starter to get going in this game.

The idea is to grant me some deck building options without 'overloading' my brain with options and once I play this a few times expand whenever I feel like it one expansion at a time.

My question;
* Which decks can I build (both LS and DS) with 'just' a mere 2 core sets?

-> goals;
1) learn the game (not the rules; the game!)
2) have a decent enough go at anything the two experienced players can throw at me.
3) enjoy the learning curve. wink.png

[edit] Also; any recommendations on the order in which expansions should be purchased would be much appreciated.

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You may want to check out this thread:


I know you haven't got the 2 x edge of darkness yet, but there should be some ideas for sith/navy/rebel/jedi (smugglers and scum you will need edge of darkness).


Sith especially are particularly strong just from the core set.  My suggestion would be start with:


Navy Affiliation

2 x Fall of the Jedi

2 x The Emperor's Web

2 x Counsel of the Sith

2 x Imperial Command


and add in either 2xDefense Protocol or 2xDeath and Despayre


This deck would still be fairly competitive even with all the later releases about.


Light side is a bit trickier I would either go full rebel or full jedi (maybe with Han thrown in).


Jedi Affiliation

2 x A Hero's Journey

2 x In you Must go

2 x The Secret of Yavin 4

2 x A Journey to Dagobah

1 x Forgotten Heroes

1 x Jedi Training

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I had so much fun building decks with 2x Core. I really liked the Imperial fighter deck.


Sith Affiliation

2x Black Squadron Assault

2x Death and Despayre

2x Kuat Reinforcements

2x Defense Protocol

2x The Endor Gambit


For Light Side, I've always been partial to Jedi, but Jedi is tough with just the Core. I really like the one I posted in the thread that the_lock linked to above. It only uses Core cards.


Jedi Affiliation

2x A Hero's Journey

2x In You Must Go

2x Forgotten Heroes

2x A Journey to Dagobah

2x The Secret of Yavin 4


As for next purchase, I think 2x Edge of Darkness is a must. The Scum cards will form the foundation of future Scum decks, if you're interested, but the Smugglers cards are downright powerful! (But I bought it for the scum cards!  :D )

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