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Story Suggestions for an Upcoming Campaign

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Hey, guys!


I'm planning on running a campaign based on the "Eight Dark Virtiues" (aka the seven deadly sins + "Truth," the big boss battle) and I'm finding myself a wee bit stuck on what to do for Envy. All the others I'm pretty much golden for (Pride=warp dabbler eliminating competition; Wrath=horrible murder spree mystery; Gluttony=nurglite cannibal cult; Sloth=divinatory cult inflicting nightmares on a hive; Lust=performer using a daemon-killing violin to feed souls to daemons; Greed=pirate ripping off a planet by posing as a rebellion-fomenting demagogue), but I'm a little stumped on Envy. The easy route would be doing a whole "acolytes get caught in a coup" schtick, but that feels like I'm phoning it in. I have a basic idea of three different Ecclesiarchy factions having a three-way battle royale over who's right (and being pitted against each other, each using different methods, by the Grand Ecclesiarch who rules over them), but I'm not sure it fits right.


Any suggestions?

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Envy, you say? Your three-way-Thing sounds like pride to me " I CANNOT BE WRONG!!"

Envy is "he/she/them are better than me/have something better then me & I wish them ill for it / I want it for myself.

How about mutants preying on the human populace?

I once had a scenario idea about a Mutant witch who knew a ritual to given a mutant a "completely normal" appearance for a time, allowing them to life among men for a while... till the effect fades. To do this, the witch needed a human "free of taint" and would kill him and cook him in a large, magical cauldron, enacting a ritual. The meal she could then provide (something akin to a stew) would be fed to a number of mutants (a dozen or so) and they would in turn regain a "pure" form over the course of the evening. This would last for a couple of days before they would turn back (slowly at first...but then it would go quick..in total, about a day between "first mutations return" to "they are what they are again").

Needless to say, this has formed a cult of murderous mutants..and since each ritual earns them corruption points, the become more hideous over the time... and the killing goes on.

Might be a "double entry of cannibalismn" to you, so. You could remove the "eating" part without changing the affair to much.

EDIT: Gosh! I should not write in a foreign language while in a hurry. I "killed" some of the worst mistakes of my original post...geesh...sorry folks.

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Strangely enough most of these can be expressed through actual things from the Calaxis Sector if you're willing to rework it.


However before I ramble about that my answer would be, a mind wiped adpet starts using his own beurocratic fortitude to skrew over the Inquisition, why? He was almost an inquisitor once, failing earned him a mind wipe, and now it's breaking down because he's so envious of them.


Pride: Someone working with the named Eldar from Creatures Anathema, that guy is way too prideful of himself.


Wrath: The killing room, or pilgrims of hayte from Disciples.


Gluttony: Dusk has a cannibal cult dedicated to a powerful warp entity, they're also space pirate raiders out in the Kronus expanse. Not many details anywhere, Dusk is described in Inquisitor's Handbook, and their God is described in Dead Stars a Haarlock adventure.


Sloth: I'd take it a different route and demonstrate to the acolyte the failings of the noble ruling class. Somewhere like Malfi, where they're too busy infighting to get any work done. If you want divinatory though there's always the Menagerie who somehow divines where to go and spread their mad King's influence. Sloth is also one of Slaneesh's main dealings as well next to pain and pleasure. Menagerie is in Disciples


Lust: Lady of the Voids (space sirens) or the Ruination of Imperfect Beauty (could work in your violin thing as well.) Creatures Anathema both.


Greed: Plenty, Amaranthine Syndicate, Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness (Disciples), more interesting might be the predator's of the starry order (creatures) theire space hound daemons that kill those who know about an ancient pact a xeno specie made with the warp for power, that whole "It's not even your greed that kills you" thing. They're in creatures anathema.


Envy: Already suggested. Maybe someone is dressing up like Commissar Cain and executing "heretics" like he sees in the holovids. Makes for a lighter adventure, or darker if he starts executing the noble classes as well.


Truth: Man, there's so much messed up stuff you could do with actual truth. Either through the acolytes actively supressing it, or them being hunted by a kill team about all the things they know about now from their adventures and maybe having to choose to have it wiped from their minds. I wouldn't have an actual enemy for this one personally, it kind of takes away from the message. Unless you're going for a suppression tactic then you need something to supress. Maybe an intelligent occular device that tells people exactly what they want to know in the exact worst way possible, however it seems the easiest. Like someone asks for a million thrones, the thing tells them how to invest, but these investments spread the influence of cults all around the sector and doom and underhive to starvation or something.

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Envy... hmm why do I think on a tech heretic with severe the flesh is weak syndrome, him/her ripping up others tech priests to take their part for itself to because it wants it? It does look a bit lot up at the original Wrath idea, that I do know, but that is all that I can think up right now

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