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Paths Into Grim Darkness, a Universal WH40K rpg character generator

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I have created a set of rules intended to offer universal character generation for the Warhammer 40K galaxy.

The perceptive will quickly recognize that this ruleset is not yet finished.  Full details for each sub-classification of Homeworld is barely begun.  The Occupational Experience sections still badly need tuning and adjustment, as well as Starting Equipment lists.  There are many pages of alternate career ranks, backgrounds and Elite advances in a multitude of supplements that have not been touched yet.

However, this document presently clocks in at 20+ pages, and before I put any more effort into the details of this document, I wanted to be sure it would not be time wasted (i.e. that this will be useful for someone).  I also wanted feedback before I start finalizing the document, for any major errors of omission or commission.  The earlier errors are caught, the better.

Another note; this document is intended to expand play with the pre-existing BI/FFG rpgs, create new options and so forth.  It is not intended to supplant or replace the corpus of work done for the WH40K universe.  As such, the reader will quickly note the many references to rulebooks and other works.

Also, if you want the primary document, no problem; just ask and I will email it to you.


As I look at the document now, there are formatting errors on Scribd that were not present in the Word editor.  Oh well, another thing to fix.

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