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Mighty Martin

Bleeding Out variant

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Yesterday I completed my second mission CHINA SHOP. But near the end of the first part I lost my last order card and started Bleeding Out, because it was a solo game I had no cog's to revive me. I couldn't face starting again as I wouldn't get the chance to finish another game that evening, so I made up a lives rule as shown below.

If at the start of a Cog turn all Cogs in the game are bleeding out; The Cog who's turn it is, is revived during the heal phase with 3 order cards and all Cogs lose a life.

Despite making the game impossible to fail, a game in which the Cogs lose a life the mission is considered a fail and for future attempts the object will be to complete the mission by not losing any lives or by losing fewer lives, thus marking a improvement.

Here is a link to a mission record sheet I created.

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