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New Vehicles (please post your own)

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Kerribanian Stalker Sentinel: Developed originally for use by prospecting companies combing the surface of Kerriban for deposits of Radioactives buried deep beneath the snow, the Stalker Sentinel was given new life after the Tyranid invasion of Kerriban. Left with the unfortunate prospect of a massive number of feral Tyranids hiding out in the caves and ruins scattered across the planet, the Mechanicus of Kerriban armed and armored the Stalker Sentinels into fearsome extreme range reconnaissance vehicles. Heavily armored and well insulated, these vehicles have basic internal toiletry facilities and storage for on-board food supplies, allowing them to stay out for up to 7 days at a time in the lethally cold Kerribanian weather. The Stalker is much larger than average Sentinels, coming at a whopping 15 tons compared to the Sentinel's 7.5. Most of this is due to the cabin being expanded to accommodate a second crew member and being up armored. As it is expected to stay out for up to a week at a time, the Stalker's weapons are usually mounted with expanded magazines (included in weapon profiles below), and the crew has access to a set of emergency repair supplies to keep the vehicle running. With their advanced auspex, heavy weaponry, and incredible endurance, it was only a matter of time before the Departmento Munitorium acquired a few regiments of the vehicles to fight off world. Now the elite Kerribanian Stalker regiments can be seen on a variety of inhospitable worlds, using wolf pack tactics to find and destroy the enemy before disappearing into the hostile wilderness like ghosts.


Note: As this is basically a larger, 2 seater sentinel, it can fulfill the same role. Keep in mind that it does weigh twice as much as a normal, so your players will need to make very liberal use of the Ground Penetrating Auspex to be sure they don't fall into a frozen lake or something.


Type: Walker                                     Tactical Speed: 10m

Speed: 45 km/hr                                 Maneuverability: +10

Structural Integrity: 25                     Size: Massive

Armor: 28 Front, 20 Side, 18 Rear

Vehicle Traits: Enclosed, Rugged, Walker, Enhanced Motive Systems, Long Range Vox, Environmentally Sealed, Ground Penetrating Auspex

Crew: 1 Driver (Hull Weapon), 1 Navigator (Chin Heavy Bolter)

Carrying Capacity: None (300kg of cargo below the cabin)

Weapons: Chin Mounted Heavy Bolter (Chin Mount; 150m; -/-/6; 1d10+8 X; Pen 8; Clip 240; Rld 4 Full; Tearing) The Heavy Bolter can be reloaded from inside the cabin by the Navigator. The vehicle carries 480 total rounds for the weapon.

The Vehicle may mount one of the following alongside the cabin.

  • Multi-Laser (150m; -/-/5; 2d10+10 E; Pen 2; Clip 200; Reload 3 Full; Reliable)
  • Autocannon (300m; S/3/-; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 60; Reload 3 Full; Reliable)
  • Lascannon (300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Proven[3])
  • Heavy Grenade Launcher (150m; S/3/-; *; *; Clip 30; Reload 3 Full; *; )

None of the above weapons may be reloaded from inside the vehicle. The vehicle does not have dedicated storage for extra ammunition for the main weapon, but many enterprising crews may strap some to the side.


Chin Mounted Weapon: This weapon is mounted under the chin of the Sentinel and slaved to the Navigator's helmet or joystick. It can fire in a 180 degree arc to the front of the vehicle, and if it is fired with the benefit of the Helmet Display grants a +10 to the Ballistic Skill test to fire it.


Heavy Grenade Launcher Ammo Types:

  • Frag (2d10+5 X; Pen 0; Blast[5])
  • Krak (2d10+8 X; Pen 8; Concussive[1])
  • Smoke (Smoke[10])
  • Incendiary (1d10+5 E; Pen 6; Blast[6], Flame)


Ground Penetrating Auspex: This trait means that the vehicle is equipped with an advanced auspex capable of detecting buried threats to the vehicle, as well as environmental hazards. As a Routine(+20) Tech Use test, the Navigator may scan the area for things such as snow covered bodies of water or areas of soft soil. As an Ordinary(+10) Tech Use test, the Navigator may check a circle 15m in diameter around the vehicle for landmines or other explosive devices. 

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Dracosan Armoured Transport

Back in the era of the Crusade, the Dracosan was the exclusive transport of the Solar Auxilia as well as those Excertus Imperialis that followed their patterns and the household militias of certain Rogue Traders.
These tanks were built upon many Forge Worlds upon standards equaling those used for the vehicles of the Legiones Astartes, making these engines formidable. Each was able to transport an entire squadron of militiamen, each armed to bear, without difficulty and shield them without fail.


Unfortunately, however, the STC to these mighty vehicles were lost in the upheaval of the Horus Heresy, lost during the Schism of Mars. Those planets and militias that still retained their transports have since sealed them away or gifted them to the Adeptus Mechanicus for a multitude of other resources. Those that remain remain indomitable engines of victory for the Imperial Guard.


Type: Tracked Vehicle                                        Tactical Speed: 8m

 Cruising Speed: 40 kph                                    Maneuverability: -20

Structural Integrity: 55                                      Size: Immense

Armour: 35 Front/28 Side/20 Rear

Vehicle Traits: Enclosed, Reinforced Armour

Crew: Driver, Gunner

Carrying Capacity: 20 Imperial Guardsmen plus gear (10 Guardsmen if equipped with the Demolisher Cannon)


Weapons: The Driver-Operated can be one of the following:

  • Twin-Linked Lascannon (Facing Front; 300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Proven [3])
  • Demolisher Cannon (Facing Front; 50m; S/-/-; 4d10+20 X; Pen 10; Clip 2; Reload Full; Blast [10]; Concussive [3])

The optional pintle-mounted weapon can be one of the following:

  • Heavy Flamer (Facing All; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray)
  • Multilaser (Facing All; 150m; -/-/5; 2d10+10 E; Pen 2; Clip 200; Reload 3 Full; Reliable)


Flare Shield - A vehicle with this trait can resist the Spray quality of weapons, reduces the Blast Quality of a weapon by 2 and will reduce the damage by any other ranged weapon below Titan-Grade by 1d10.

Armoured Ceramite - A vehicle with this trait can resist the Melta Quality of a weapon.

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Imperial Jetbike

Type: Skimmer                                                        Tactical Speed: 20m
Cruising Speed: 120kph                                              Manoeuvrability: +20
Structural Integrity: 15                                 Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 16
Vehicle Traits: Bike, Enhanced Motive System, Open-Topped, Skimmer
Carry Capacity: None
Crew: 1 Rider

Weapons: 1 front mounted Heavy Bolter OR Plasma Cannon OR Multi-Melta


Special rules:

Although it possesses the "Bike" trait, the design of an Imperial Jetbike is such that it can be used to make "Ram!" actions (surviving the action is another matter, although perhaps the bike doesn't take damage when it rams, what do you guys think?)


Jetbikes are incredibly rare even amongst the Adeptus Astartes, let alone the humble Imperial Guard! Replacement parts are at a -40 penalty, and due to the highly esoteric drive system, repair tests take a -20 penalty.





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That's a vehicle from my campaign, of course not inspired by anything :)


Warboss Bunsenimo's War Rig


Type: Wheeled Vehicle                               Tactical Speed: 15m


Cruising Speed: 60kph                               Manouverability: +0


Structural Integrity: 60                                Size: Massive


Armour: Front 30, Side 25, Rear 22


Vehicle Traits: Open-Topped, Ramshackle, Rugged, Wheeled, Damage Control, Rigworld*, No-Stopper**


Crew: 1 Driver, 2 Sponson Gunners, 1 Turret Gunner


Carry Capacity: 16 Orks and many more Gretchins and Snotlings


Weapons: 2 Sponson Mounted Big Shootas, 1 Turret Mounted Skorcha


*Rigworld: The War Rig is full of small tunnels and corridors that snotlings and gretchins traverse while looking for a place to be useful or just not to be kicked. Some of those tunnels are also caches that ork hand can fit into and hide some teef, a slugga, or kind of melee weapon. Orks or humans can move around it through platforms running alongside the cistern that War Rig carries.

Snot and Gretchin population of the War Rig can move to any of it's part without any penalites as Half Action. Bigger characters need to pass Hard Agility or Acrobatics test or make that move action Full Action. Additionaly small pieces of equipment no bigger than rifles, knifes or grenades, may be placed in cache in any part of the vehicle. Character can take and ready them as a Free Action if they're in his reach.


**No-Stopper is Warboss's Bunsenimo's own invention that turned the tide of many road battles that his Waagh fought. It allows a driver to set the cruising speed of the vehicle to maximum, block the steering wheel and do, well, "Dakka, Dakka, Dakka" or whatever the driver wants, as long as he's not driving through difficult terrain (and not driving into a wall of course). It can be done and undone as a Free Action. If the vehicle is No-Stopped while driving into difficult terrain or it's being rammed by other Massive vehicle, it goes Out Of Control. 


Former Battle Wagon belonging to Warboss Bunsenimo of the Immortans ork clan. It was made the fastest possible and fit for road battles, in which truck abordages or long chases through the desert were common sight. After the Warboss changed it for the "Big Pig" Gargantuan Squiggoth and raided the hive city of Mirandea on the forge world of New Hefastion, it was given to his most trusted nob - Talozz. It's cistern was used first to carry tons of Prometheum burned during endless road raids and then to deliver special Ooze that Big Pig was fed with during the attack on the city.

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Has anyone compiled these into a Compendium of any sort?

Also I feel like there is a definite lean toward far too many Structural Integrity for a lot of the lighter Vehicles. If we look at the Chimera as a fairly middle ground vehicle in the grand spectrum of things it has a 35 SI. Lets take this into perspective. The Chimera all things considered is a reasonably beefy vehicle. It out weighs even the SM Rhino. There is in my mind no way to justify any civilian or even military light vehicle as having more than 15 SI. Just my $0.02 

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Equitus Gun Truck

Originally a field modification of the Equitus truck, the Gun Truck, or Guardian Angel as it is called amongst rear line troops, is a derivative of the Equitus truck recently accepted by the Mechanicus. By no means a truly unique vehicle, the Gun Truck is actually a modification kit for the numberless Equitus truck. The modification kit is usually applied to the Equitus when convoys are at risk of being ambushed or attacked while in transit. It is a simple kit, consisting of steel plates that are welded to the sides, front, and rear of the vehicle, giving it decent protection against small arms fire. It also contains 2 swivel mounts for heavy stubbers. With the kit applied, the vehicle is capable of absorbing rifle caliber bullets and las-bolts and returning fire with a pair of machine guns, giving protection to rear line convoys against ambushes and raids. The kit doesn't come without downsides, however. The weight of the armor, machine guns, and ammunition mean that the suspension is overloaded by a fair margin, and the vehicle struggles to maintain a high speed. If the crew of the vehicle attempts to take it off-road or push the engine too hard, they will very likely find that the vehicle soon beats itself to death under its own weight. Despite this, it has become a very common sight in warzones around the Imperium, providing security to convoys and bases behind the lines, as well as serving in a number of security roles around the Imperium.


Type: Wheeled Vehicle                       Tactical Speed: 15m

Speed: 65 km/hr                                  Maneuverability: -5

Structural Integrity: 20                      Size: Massive

Armor: 20 Front, 18 Side, 14 Rear

Vehicle Traits: Open-topped, Rugged, Wheeled Vehicle, Overloaded*

Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Commander/Navigator, 2 Gunners

Carrying Capacity: 4 Passengers in rear

Weapons: 1 Frontally Mounted Heavy Stubber (100m, -/-/8, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Mag 75, Rld 2 Full, Ogryn-Proof, Can fire to the front and sides of the vehicle) 1 Rear Mounted Heavy Stubber (100m, -/-/8, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Mag 75, Rld 2 Full, Ogryn-Proof, can fire to the rear and sides of the vehicle) Most vehicles carry approximately 5,000 rounds of ammunition for these weapons.


Overloaded: Due to the extra stress that this vehicle's suspension is under, any attempt to navigate it across rough or broken terrain at more than half of its tactical speed requires a Difficult (-10) Operate Surface Test. If the driver fails this test, he must flip a coin. On a result of tails, the vehicle gains the Motive Systems Crippled condition.

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Assegai Halftrack

Another vehicle that started its life as a field modification, the Assegai, or "Meat Chopper" as it is more commonly known by the men, is a cheap alternative to the Hydra that often finds itself pressed into a ground fire role. The Assegai got its start when some enterprising PDF troopers bolted a Sabre turret into the rear of a Greyhound halftrack to give themselves a chance against swarms of Tyranid Gargoyles. From that moment on, the modification spread like wildfire. Whether they were fitted with quad heavy stubbers and throwing clouds of lead at aerial targets or bravely trading blows with tanks with twin Las-Cannons, they quickly became a favorite of the troops, especially PDF troops. The Mechanicus, though they are sticklers for tradition, are not completely opposed to change, especially if it is good. The Assegai was quickly standardized and the plans distributed, flooding Imperial warzones (and heretic armies) with cheap support vehicles within 20 years. Functionally it is almost the exact same as the Greyhound it originated from, but there are a few minor differences. The Assegai has slightly more armor around the crew compartment, and sacrifices all of its passenger carrying ability to make room for spare ammunition for the turret. The vehicle also comes standard with an improved radio. All told, the vehicle is a lean mean murder machine that is capable of dealing out a massive amount of punishment, even if it can't take much back. Many Guardsmen and PDF troopers would trade a week's Amasec ration to have an Assegai at their back.


Type: Wheeled/Tracked Vehicle          Tactical Speed: 20m

Speed: 75 km/hr                                    Maneuverability: +10

Structural Integrity: 20                        Size: Massive

Armor: 20 Front, 18 Side, 16 Rear

Vehicle Traits: Rugged, Open-topped*, Halftrack

Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Commander/Navigator, 1 Gunner

Carrying Capacity: None

Weapons: Any one of the following

  • Twin Linked Heavy Bolter (150m, -/-/6, 1d10+8 X, Pen 5, Clip 240, Rld Full, Tearing, Twin Linked)
  • 2 Twin Linked Heavy Stubbers (100m, -/-/8, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 400, Rld 2 Full, Twin-Linked) Note: These weapons must be fired at the same target as part of the same action (consider them Quad-Linked)
  • Twin Linked Las-Cannon (300m, S/-/-, 5d10+10 E, Pen 10, Clip 80, Rld 2 Full, Proven [3], Twin-Linked)
  • Twin Linked Autocannon (300m, S/3/-, 3d10+8 I, Pen 6, Clip 60, Rld 2 Full, Ogryn-Proof, Reliable, Twin-Linked)

When carrying any weapons other than the Las-Cannons, the vehicle carries enough ammunition for 4 full reloads. When carrying the Las-Cannons, the vehicle only has as much ammunition as listed.


The vehicle only counts as open-topped for the Gunner, as the Driver and Commander are inside of an enclosed armored cabin.


Halftrack Trait: A vehicle with this trait counts as tracked for the purpose of moving across difficult terrain, and as a wheeled vehicle in regards to maneuverability. With regards to damage, the vehicle counts critical hits as against a wheeled system. Repairs to a Halftrack's motive system take 1.5 times as long as listed in the appropriate repairs table.

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Gazelle Tank Destroyer

To call the Gazelle a tank destroyer is seriously stretching the term, but a tank destroyer it is. Several centuries ago, an Imperial Crusade found itself fighting on several worlds that had large areas of open terrain and facing large amounts of well armored Orkoid vehicles. The Imperial tanks and sentinels did not have the endurance nor the long-distance speed required to react to the large numbers of targets that needed destruction, and so the Mechanicus broke out an old design. The Gazelle had seen service around the time of the Great Crusade, but had been phased out because its armor was deemed insufficient, and its onboard ammuntion stowage too vulnerable to explosions. The design had since been updated, rectifying the exploding ammo problem, but it had not yet been put into production. The Crusade's issues proved to be the catalyst for the vehicle's reintroduction, and it made waves almost immediately. The Gazelle proved to be fast and extremely lethal, mounting a Vanquisher cannon on a lightly armored chassis with a massive engine and good optics. As an added bonus, the vehicle has limited amphibious capability. The crews of the Gazelles quickly gained a reputation for bravado and machismo, dashing back and forth like knights of old to arrive at the exact right moment. In fact, the Gazelle first rose to prominence in the hands of the 3rd King's Guard, a unit raised from the nobility of a fuedal world and trained in the use of the Gazelle. Over the course of a 14 hour battle against a Dark Eldar Cabal, they managed to react rapidly and precisely to every enemy thrust, destroying 32 barges and over a hundred smaller craft in exchange for only 16 of their own vehicles. Ever since, the Gazelle has been seen across the Imperium, dashing to the rescue in countless battles.


Type: Wheeled Vehicle                         Tactical Speed: 30m

Speed: 90 km/hr                                    Maneuverability: +15

Structural Integrity: 25                        Size: Massive

Armor: 26 Front, 20 Side, 16 Rear

Vehicle Traits: Rugged, Enclosed, Amphibious

Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner (Main Weapon/Coaxial Weapon), 1 Loader, 1 Commander (Pintle Weapon)

Carrying Capacity: None

Weapons: Vanquisher Battle Cannon (900m, S/-/-, 3d10+10 X, Pen 16, Clip 6, Rld 2 Full, Accurate) The vehicle carries 36 rounds for the main gun

-Coaxial Heavy Stubber (100m, -/-/8, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 75, Rld 2 Full)

-Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber (100m, -/-/8, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 75, Rld 2 Full)


Coaxial Weapons:  Coaxial weapons are attached in a mount next to the main weapon and are controlled by the gunner. When the gunner makes an attack action he can use either weapon freely, but not both at the same time. The Coaxial gun gains an automatic +10 to all full auto attacks due to the nature of its mounting.

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Warthog Bike

The Hog as it affectionately known is a heavy bike, designed for long distances solid construction rather than nimbleness.

Type: Wheeled Vehicle       Tactical Speed: 28m

Cruising Speed: 80kph     Manoeuvrability: +9

Structural Integrity: 14     Size: Hulking

Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14

Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable.

Crew: 1 Rider.

Carry Capacity: 1 temporarily on the back. Manoeuvrability suffers a -5 while doing so.

Weapons: None as standard but the construction is adaptable and heavy built enough to have multiple weapons attached.


Warthog Attack Bike

The Hog can easily have a sidecar attached which can attack a heavy weapon for additional fast moving firepower.

Type: Wheeled Vehicle       Tactical Speed: 25m

Cruising Speed: 75kph     Manoeuvrability: +12

Structural Integrity: 18     Size: Hulking

Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14

Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable.

Crew: 1 Rider.

Carry Capacity: 1 passenger in side car

Weapons: There is a pintle mount on front of the side car that can accept any man portable heavy weapon the crew has access to.


Warthog Combat Bike

The heavy chassis of the Warthog accepts modification far more easily that lighter bikes. It’s from forks have brackets for extra lights, scanners or a pair of weapons. This mean looking modification might bring to mind the famous combat bikes of the Adeptus Astartes, but weapons have to be far lighter and the lack of even a simple targeting system prevents quick elevation of the weapon to account for range and it fires only directly where the front wheel is pointed. This limits the weapons used to those that are very easy to aim at all ranges (like las weapons) or spray fire at short ranges where.

Type: Wheeled Vehicle       Tactical Speed: 26m

Cruising Speed: 75kph     Manoeuvrability: +10

Structural Integrity: 14     Size: Hulking

Armour: Front 16, Side 16, Rear 14

Vehicle Traits: Bike, Open-Topped, Reliable.

Crew: 1 Rider.

Carry Capacity: 1 temporarily on the back. Manoeuvrability suffers a -5 while doing so.

Weapons: Fixed forward twin linked las carbine (75m; S/2/-; 1d10+3 E; Pen 0; Clip 120*; Reload Full; Twin-linked, Inaccurate, Reliable)

Options: Sometimes the twin linked las carbine is replaced with one of the following weapons; Twin linked Autocarbine (60m; S/3/10; 1d10+3 I; Pen 0; Clip 60; Reload 2 Full; Twin-linked, Inaccurate) or combat shotgun (30m; S/3/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload Full; Scatter, Inaccurate).

*The lascarbine uses a wired connection to store the two charge packs just above the engine where they can be changed easily and even recharged by the engine over time.

†Solid projectile weapons can’t be reloaded without stopping the bike.

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Ironstrider Ballistarius


Type: Walker

Tactical Speed: 15m

Cruising Speed: 60km/h

Size: Enormous

Maneuverability: +15

Structural Integrity: 20

Armor: - Front :25

- Side  :15

- Rear :15

Vehicle Traits:

Enhanced Motive Systems

Open Topped



Ironstrider Engine: Ironstrider Engines are marvels of technology, even among the relics of the mechanicus. Said to disobey the laws of thermodynamics, once an Ironstrider is running, it essentially powers itself, with no need to refuel. So it is that today walkers with Ironstrider Engines are never switched off, as the Mechanicus is fearful they may not turn back on again incase it’s Machine Spirit fades. Ironstrider Engines run all systems on board the vehicle, if the weapons are not solid ammunition based, the vehicle has unlimited ammunition(This is represented in the stat block for the Twin Linked Lascannon). However, if the vehicle suffers a Motive Systems Destroyed event, roll a d10, on a 9 or 10, the Ironstrider Engine has shut down and stopped and requires a Very Hard (-30) Tech Use test to restart in addition to any repairs needed. The player may also elect to carry out an Challenging (+0) Extended Tech Use test in place of the Very hard test, this takes one hour.


Mechanicus Tech

This vehicle is exclusively used by the Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial forces do not have access to it or the knowledge to pilot it. Only characters who are members of the Adeptus Mechanicus may operate the vehicle. This is decided at the GM’s discretion.


Crew: 1 Driver

Carrying Capacity: 0



Twin Linked Autocannons

(300m; S/3/–; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40;

Reload 2 Full; Reliable, Twin Linked)


Twin Linked Lascannons

(300m; S/–/–; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip N/A;

Reload N/A; Proven [3], Twin Linked)



Rough Terrain Modifications

Superior Plating

Smoke Launcher

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any of you fellows have any idea on how to stat out a Apache helicopter?

not really kinda advanced tech for 40k :D



It's still possible on planets that are less technological inclined. Just look at Feudal Worlds.

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Which isn't half as sophisticated as an Apache, apart from its VTOL capabilities.

And at the same time, 40k is very much split in its tech. They absolutely could build something much more fearsome than an Apache, if you look at all the tech that they have in bits and pieces all over the place. The feel of the setting, however, doesn't work if you have competent aerial support, if you have attack helicopters etc freely available.

So, in that sense, an Apache is too modern and needs to be a rare marvel.

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Which isn't half as sophisticated as an Apache, apart from its VTOL capabilities.


Now I might be wrong, but an aircraft with features including:

  • Nose mounted Heavy Bolter aimed by sight (see aiming module on model) from the weapons operator
  • 4 wing mounted hardpoints for missiles or extra weapons ranging from fragmentation rockets, guided anti-tank and anti-air, heavy bombs, twin-linked multi-lasers or autocannons
  • Side mounted Lascannons
  • Top speed of Mach 1
  • VTOL capability
  • 2000km range or more with external fuel tanks
  • Operation ceiling 11.000m
  • Armored cockpit
  • Ejection seats
  • Chaff or Flar launchers
  • Laser and Radar Targeting

Does sound fairly advanced to me, and that's just the basic run-of-the-mill Vulture of which there are hundreds in any given engagement. Hell, in the Imperial Armor books they are so prevalent as to be almost ubiquitous. Everything I listed is also straight from Imperial Armour Volume 1 by Forge World.


And that's not even getting into things like the Thunderhawk or Fury Interceptor, which are examples of both void and atmosphere capable craft with on-board fusion generators.


Don't be so quick to dismiss the tech level of the Imperial Guard or the Navy, 40k is still sci-fi.

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