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Creating new chapter question - Geneseed rules

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I'm currently in the making of creating my home-made chapter for Deathwatch, but I have a question.


If I pick Pure Geneseed as my Geneseed, I don't really do anything else when creating the chapter (orther than non-stats and non-gameplay things) - just pick all the rules that the parent chapter have? 


I want a chapter that has the Ultramarines as their parent chapter, and is a codex chapter, but with different bonuses (+5 Int, +5 Per). Is that possible? Or do I have to have all the similar Skill progressions, Squad and Solo modes, etc, as the Ultramarines? 



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My understanding of Custom Chapter Creation (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) is that as much of the content as possible is meant to be utilized.  Specifically regarding geneseed purity, having pure geneseed means you don't have to worry about rolling for chapter flaws, missing zygotes, mutations, etc.


As for abilities, you can absolutely have those two bonuses (attributed to either exceptional genestock or practices).  Being an Ultramarines Successor, even one that's codex-compliant, doesn't mean the chapter doesn't have differing experiences.


Unless you're the Genesis Chapter and are glorified carbon copies.  :P

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