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Control change and limit on character abilities

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This question was asked on cardgamedb, and I didn't have a solid answer for it:

My opponent has Ser Edmure Tully (TCP) and uses his ability to shuffle an event back into his deck. I then play Melisandre's Favor on Edmure. Can I trigger his ability to shuffle something back into my deck? Nobody knew whether the 'Limit once per round' restriction on his ability applies to the copy of Edmure or to the player who currently controls him.

Looking around the FAQ, I found these entries:

Granted, the FAQ entry I found doesn't mention control changes, but it does say:

(4.22) Phase and Round Limits 
A limit on an effect on a card that remains 
in play through the resolution of the effect
applies to the copy of the card on which the 
limit is printed.
actually, further on it says:
Limits always apply only to the player who 
is using the ability. For instance, if one player 
plays a copy of an event card with the text 
"limit one per phase," that player's opponent 
may also play his or her own copy of that 
event during that phase
Their example is of cards each player would have separately instead of what happens during control changes so what am I missing to determine the outcome of that scenario?
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I believe the limit only applies to the controller - so if it switches control the slate is wiped clean


However, assuming the above is correct, I am not sure what happens when control returns ... does the game recognise that it is still the same card and the limit has been used by the controller


Another scenario:

I use Edmure's ability

Edmure gets killed

I restore him back to life ... call of the 3 eyed crow

Use his ability again


Here I believe that as he left play (not on his own accord) and then came back, the slate is again wiped clean

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The rule applies to all limits, including ones on cards in play, so you can use the ability.


The game recognizes a card as the same as long as it remains in play, even through type (Longship Maiden's Bane) or controller changes. Memory is wiped when the card leaves play, including with Call of the Three-Eyed Crow.

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Khudzlin is correct. All limits apply "per player" and are "remembered" for as long as the card remains in play.

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