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Help with Major Nemesis

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Hey gang, So my story arc has been going very well, and according to plan, but one of the characters [Mine actually] was captured by the imperials, etc.  Now I have plans on how I wish to do this storyline wise, etc.  She is force sensative, yadda yadda yadda.  So I basically just want to know if this is too much?  Way too strong?  Perfect to punish the other players?  I dunno.




Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 3

Cunning: 2

Willpower: 2

Presence: 3


Soak: 4

MDef: 3 [Weapon bonus]

RDef: 1

Wound T: 16

Strain T: 18



Custom Lightsaber [Agility] skill: 3 Ranks

Discipline: 2 Ranks

Cool: 2 Ranks

[maybe some other skills here or something? I dunno]



Lightsaber [superior Quality normal lightsaber]

Guard-Shoto [My varient that I posted previously in 'Various Lightsabers'.  Damage 8, Breach 1, Vicious 1, Defensive 2]



Adversary 2

Deflect Blasters [Way of the Force]

Force Injure [Way of the Force]

Force Enhance

Force Rating: 2


Just let me know if this is WAY too OP for a group..I mean my boys are very combat oriented.



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I have played with the Force rules from Way of the Force; at a glance, however, the character looks challenging but reasonable.



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I'd think about giving her some additional skills. Athletics to help her stay mobile should the fight end up on a cliff face or something. Resilience might be useful should the players go for poison or gas. Vigilance if you want her going first sometimes...

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Would giving her access to a few groups of minions help at all?


This is in case they all gang up on her, so maybe have them provide her with covering fire and have a group or two target any snipers perhaps even have something drop in to give her a chance to escape such as an AT-ST for instance.


I'm not saying making it impossible just that if this person is working for the Imperials or they're interested in her then nothing says they can't drop in when it suits them.


Does she have demolition experience?


Leads the PCs into a warehouse seemingly for a final confrontation with her standing in the centre, but she drops down into the cellar below which has a hatch directly where she's standing and she sets off the charges cluttered around the warehouse walls causing it to collapse inwards drawing Imperial troops...


They could follow her into the cellar but they would need to find which escape route she took and get out of there before the Empire sends enough troops to trap them.


Okay I'm going too far again!

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I love the ideas!  Thank you so much, guys!  One of my players [the one with the huge gun] complained about her.  [He's a DM for normal D&D] He says she is way too overpowered with the Deflect Blasters ability...However... his dice pool to shoot her, if he has time for a set up is 5Y 1G 3B against 2R, 2P, 1Black from Long Range with Auto-fire.  Statistically speaking, he should be able to hit her 85% of the time with at least 1 success.  Her ability to deflect his shot is only 53% for 1 success, and he instantly kills her if he hits.  Granted...she instantly kills him if she gets in close.  At least in a 1 on 1 fight.


I also plan to have her with one of the squads from Division 76, my Stormtrooper Custom Division also located here on the forums.~

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Does anyone else have any more ideas?  I would love to hear them.  I know the Injure tree is very powerful if you max it.  5 Damage, and only incidentals..  I just am not sure if this is truly the right direction or not.


Sorry for the double post.

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