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Need Help Modifying the Introduction of House of Dust and Ash

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I already had planned on my acolytes having been in the service of Marr. They hadn't met him yet, and essentially he'd been an inquisitor only by the name (An Inquisitor is fiscally backing you and helping you achieve opportunities you'd normally never have. In return said inquisitor asks a few things of you occasionally) That was until they were thrown into Damned Cities which they just finished up.


After some warp travel, and a small amount of rp for their personal investigation stuff, they'll be called to Solloman. I plan on running HoDaA, but am now coming into the problem of modifying the introduction slightly.


I planned on having Lorelii Dekanta in the service of Marr already, and just delivering a packet that states they're going to Solloman for their next assignment and likely debriefing. I figure that most agents of Marr are wary of their master, and that having her have that information table is applicable given how his inside contact for the adventure itself speaks similarly although out of turn.


Does that seem alright? I get that the adventure is meant to demonstrate that Marr feels like using other inquisitor's acolytes as pawns and he's ok with that, but I'd rather not deal with two Inquisitors as I plan on including Herrod as Spectre Cell 17's leader, and they'll be present at the auction.


Thoughts, opinions?

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