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Retro Rebels'

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Hey folks,


could you imagine the early days of the Rebellion? Long before the Rebels captured the first X-Wing starfighters, they had to fought this war with old clone wars vessels - like the Y-Wing Bomber and the Z-95 Headhunter.


And sooo i decided to create a list with just these two ships and i scored 5 victories against different Rebel & empire builds. 



The Retro-Rebels


- Airen Cracken with Veteran Instincts (20)


- Dutch Vander with Ion-Turret (28)


- Tala Squadron Pilot with Assault Missiles (18)


- Tala Squadron Pilot with Cluster Missiles (17)


- Tala Squadron Pilot with Concussion Missiles (17)


=> Dutch & Cracken deliver some Target Locks to the Talas, who should use the Focus-Action - that's an alpha strike with focus-supported Missiles.

Dutch's Ion-Turret should be used against large ships, Def-1 Ships (like the typical Ion-Victim the B-Wing!!!!) and the Phantom.

I believe that it's a good idea to have various missiles, to be prepared against different enemy builds - Assault against Swarms & formations; Cluster against large ships & Agility 1 Ships; Concussion for pure damage)


Even after the Missile onslaught we have some good PS Ships with 24 HP (13 Hull, 11 Shields), 10 Attack dice, 9 defense dice.


What do you think?



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Honestly I think you'll get slaughtered by high ps pilots, headquarters really arnt that durable from my experience more than once a phantom or a defender with HLC has vaped a z-95 in a single round of shooting.


I'm not opposed to an all headhunter list I just worry you'll never get those missiles fired.

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I find there are only 2 ways to fly Headhunters.

1) 8 headhunters

2) 3/4 Headhunters + 2/3 big ships or with Han/Chewie. 


Apart from that, they arent very good and get eaten by ps6+ pilots rocking Predator.


There might be something about flying Blount with an Ion Pulse Missile for dealing with a Phantom, maybe. Still thats 20+ points of your list that wont be contributing much past the missile. 

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