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Which Han Build should I use?

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Prepping for a tournament.  

100 points

60 minutes

Regular dogfight rules



* The meta near where I live is very TIE Phantom heavy, usually involving Echo + ACD + sometimes VI.

* Rebel builds tend to be 3-4 ship builds.

* TIE Interceptor, especially Soontir Fel also seems quite popular


Given this meta, I want to run a Han Solo build.  I have thought of three Han Solo builds, but need you help in deciding which one to use for the tournament.  (Feel free to suggest builds other than the three, and I will seriously consider them so long as they have Han Solo.  Note however that I do not have C-3PO.).


Build One: Han Shoots First

Han Solo + Gunner + Chewbacca + Marksmanship

2x Rookie Pilot


This is standard.  I've been pretty successful with this build.  Han Solo and his upgrade cards make it highly likely that he'll do at least some damage each turn.  However, this team's defense is somewhat iffy.  The Rookie Pilots fall easily.  Chewbacca gives Han Solo longer life, but that is balanced by the fact that Han Solo can roll at most 1 dice.


Build Two: Han and B-Wings

Han Solo + Gunner + Chewbacca + Millennium Falcon

2x Blue Squad Pilot


Han Solo has better defense here because he can do an evade action.  The Blue Squadron Pilots have worse agility and maneuverability but have better longevity.  


Build Three: Unorthodox Interesting Build

Han Solo + Chewbacca + Millennium Falcon

Lt. Blount + Ion Pulse Missiles (to hinder the TIE Phantom)

Wedge Antilles


This build is targeted towards defeating TIE Phantom builds.  Lt. Blount can attack with Ion Pulse Missiles to hinder the TIE Phantom.  Han Solo and Wedge Antilles will both have better PS than Echo+VI, ensuring that I can shoot twice early in the combat phase.  My concern about this build is whether it is good enough to fight against non-TIE Phantom builds.  It appears that, say against Firesprays, the Firespray can just take out Lt. Blount and Wedge Antilles and leave Han Solo rather weak without Gunner.


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I recommend running any Falcon build with Expert Handling. Defying the laws of physics and barrel rolling into range 1 and possibly shaking a target lock is absolutely insane on a Falcon. If you have 3 Z-95s, I'd toss them in there over Rookie Pilots for more bodies to put onto the field.

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Firstly, you don't need to bump your own thread after just one hour.

Secondly if you want to crack Phantoms, do it properly.

Han Solo - VI, Navigator, Chewbacca

Blue Sqdn - HLC

Bandit Sqdn - Assault Missiles

MF title is a waste, so piss it off.  If you have PS11 you move after the Phantom and have Navigator to adjust your move so that you can get range 1-2 of him, target lock him and nail him before he can cloak.  Therefore you don't need gunner and this goes for dealing with regular builds as well.  If he doesn't decloak the Phantom, you can either try your luck anyway, or just beat up on the remaining ships.  You'll have the choice since you will move last and can adjust your position.  Either way you'll be able to kill the Phantom in 2-3 turns and then it's just cleanup duties.  Navigator also lets you avoid arcs or put yourself at range three or at least not at range two so is generally better than wasting your action with an evade via MF.


The B-Wing is a solid choice and will pump out damage regardless of the target.  The Bandit forces the usual TIE Mini swarm that accompanies most Phantom builds to split up and deal with the bandit before Han lest they all lose a hull point.  It is also great against Biggs oriented builds and against traditional swarms.  Just use the Z-95 and B-Wing to keep the enemy from swarming Han and it will deal with most things.

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