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Adding a Crit to Heavy Laser Cannon?

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Hello again good people!

So here's my question:

Say I pair E'tahn Baht with Ten Numb for the synergy, if i DO add HLC to Ten Numb, would E'tahn Baht's special ability still be counted in Ten Numb's HLC attack?

The respective cards read:

E'tahn Baht: When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 is defending, the attacker may change 1 of its 

 hit results to a crit result.


Ten Numb: When attacking, 1 of your crit results cannot be cancelled by defense dice.

Heavy Laser Cannon: Attack: Attack 1 ship. Immediately after rolling your attack dice, you must change all your critical.png results to hit.png results.



The way I interpret it, it may still be possible to add a crit to Ten Numb's HLC attack which cannot be cancelled by the defense dice. My train of thought is as follows:

1. Roll 4 Dice. Assume 2 hits 2 crits, immediately flip 2 crits to hits.

2. After immediately flipping the 2 crits to hits, E'tahn's special ability kick in (since it is not immediate). Therefore, of the 4 hits, i can still change the hit result to a crit result.

What do you guys think? Has FFG clarified on this point in the FAQ?

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You're good because the imposed modification happens immediately after the roll, leaving you free to modify them again during your 'modify attack dice" phase. (The two phases are separated by the opponent's 'modify attack dice' phase.)

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