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CosmicCon and CosmicMETACon

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We are excited to he hosting the first CosmicCon at the Fantasy Flight Game Center. The CosmicCon is a way of thanking the fans of Cosmic Encounter who designed the fifth expansion set, Cosmic Dominion.  And to acknowledge all the fans who have supported Cosmic Encounter for four decades. The event calendar is packed with every imaginable flavor of Cosmic Encounter gaming: Multiple Powers, Expansion Set Specials, Tournament Play and many more.


You will have the chance to meet with many of the Cosmic Encounter Designers. From Peter Olotka and Bill Eberle from the original game to the skilled FFG designers and the talented fans who designed Cosmic Dominion.


CE Players are organizing a CosmicMETACon to webcast Cosmic Encounter games from around the country during the Cosmic Con event. Designers and fans at CosmicCon will be joining Google Hangouts on air to connect with home players.


Hope to see you there!


Tell me what you'd like to do at CosmicCon. Sign up to come at


Peter Olotka

designer Cosmic Encounter

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