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Tips on Dwarves and Undead armies for local tournament

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Sup all! Just bought both expansions a couple days ago.  I just moved to a new city and lost my regular gaming group (150 miles car drive).  But a FLGS near my house is setting up a friendly tournament with FFG goodies as prices.


Since I love Dwarves and Undeads in any fantasy settings I have to try those armies in a more serious way...but the problem is i'm not gonna be able to play before the tournament so i'm a bit stuck...


I also like how the neutral factions are looking and got some ideas while checking the disks today.  Here are my ideas, but I didn't had the time to choose the Command cards yet...




Regiment A

Queen Helga

+ Karak Azul Warriors x3

+ Ancestor Statue x1

+ Flame Cannon x1




Regiment B1


+ Karak Hirn Miners x1

+ Venerable Runesmith x1

+ Master Engineer x1

+ Gyrocopter x1




Regiment B2


+ Skink Skirmishers x2

+ Slamander x2




Regiment B3


+ Wardancers x2

+ Athel Loren Dryads x2





Regiment A

Heinrich Kemmler

+ Skeleton Warriors x3

+ Tomb Banshee x1

+ Zombie Dragon x1




Regiment B1

Mannfred von Carstein

+ Dire Wolves x1

+ Tomb Banshee x2

+ Black Knights x1




Regiment B2

Ikit Claw

+ Gutter Runners x3

+ Rattling Gun x1



It's really hard to decide and i'd like, for those of you that played these new armies, to comment a bit about your experience and help me improve my two armies.


Thanks a lot!

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Well, I did post this on BGG too, but here, just because your post looks lonely on its own:


Dwarves aren't really my thing (although I like the Lizardmen regiment, Skinks and Salamanders are good times!).

For the Vampire Counts, now we're talking! You might have too many tomb banshees though, I prefer to run one and a grave guard, but you've definitely got the potential to cause some pain if the dice like you.

I'm not a huge fan of either Kemmeler or Isabella, so whichever floats your boat works. However, Mannfred's awesomeness makes up for it in my book. For the Vampire Counts, command cards are really important. With them, I'd really suggest bringing Invocation of Nehek and Dark Majesty, plus one bold command card. Dark Majesty combos really nicely with an aggressive Mannfred, and with Invocation of Nehek on him, you can reanimate the Zombie Dragon. MUAHAHAHAHA. Ahem, excuse me.

Here's the catch with the Vampire Counts, you will regularly end up in a position where you MUST win the command card initiative so you can keep Mannfred protected. You'll need to be able to out-think your opponent to pull off the really nasty shenanigans that Vampire Counts can do.

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I always like an Aspiring Necromancer in my VC lists.  It's just one more source of Reanimate, which is always good, and with judicious use of command cards, he can even bring back your knights, always a bonus.  


I can't remember the point costs right now, but maybe remove a banshee for him?

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