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100pt Tourney / Rainy Day Games / Aloha, OR

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This past weekend, Rainy Day Games held a 100-point tournament with a twist:  one random player would score a Tantive IV… and if there were 16 or more players, a second Tantive would be awarded as 1st place prize.  Due to Regionals being held the same weekend, we only managed 7 players… but the upside was that because the big ship was a random draw, everyone could relax and Fly Casual.


Generally speaking, I tend to favor elite mobility lists.  And rock lists—“good ol’ Rock, nothin’ beats Rock!”  If nothing else, they’re always fun to fly.


Whisper – Veteran Instincts / ACD / Rebel Captive / Sensor Jammer (44)

Boba Fett – Predator / HLC / Navigator / Engine Upgrade (56)


Round 1


I was paired with Cody, who’d come down with a contingent from Dice Age Games in Vancouver, WA.  He was running a filthy rebel list that was somewhat a mirror of my own:


Chewie – Gunner / C3P0 / Falcon Title / ?

Corran Horn – PTL / R2D2 / Engine Upgrade / ?

(I don’t remember what else he had, but we were both at 100 points)


We rolled off, and Cody took initiative.  Asteroids were roughly clustered into a central triangle.  Cody placed his squadron on the far left corner, while I put Boba on my right and Whisper in the middle.  At the first engagement, Cody made a critical mistake.  Boba was circling around to get behind, so Whisper was the only target for Corran, who had just Pushed the Limit to get into arc.  Unfortunately, the Rebel Captive left Corran with two stress tokens, effectively neutering him for the turn or two that it took for Boba to gun him down.


Things did look up for Cody when Whisper died to the dreaded Four Blanks, but at that point he was down to 3 hull against a shieldless Boba Fett with HLC & Predator.  I managed to chase him into a corner, and the game was done.


(100 – 44)


Round 2


I was paired off with one of my regular opponents, Pauly.  We play on a weekly basis, so we’re both pretty familiar with how each other fly.  He was running a more balanced version of what I was running:


Whisper – VI / ACD / Mercenary Copilot

Howlrunner – Swarm Tactics


2x Academies


We rolled off, and Pauly took the initiative, with the assumption that his whisper would get to kill mine while uncloaked.  Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong for him, did go wrong.  His attack dice abandoned him, he managed to clip an asteroid, and my dice were running hot.


(100 – 0)


Round 3


I was paired off with Scott (aka Mr. Froggies), who is easily one of the top players in the country.  He was running an experimental shuttle list best described as Evil.


Captain Yorr – FCS

2x Omicron Group Pilot

2x Black Squadron Pilots – Wingman


The gist of the list is that the two Wingmen & Yorr effectively make the Shuttle dials all-white (!).  This allows you to set up a bunker formation where your red-zero maneuvers effectively become white-zero maneuvers, or your shuttles are zipping around with white turn-2’s.  The 36 damage points don’t hurt, either.


Fortunately, I had the advantage of being at the next table during the first two rounds, where Scott chewed up a rebel swarm and a Han/Wedge/Y-wing list with little effort.  He was able to essentially park in a corner and wait for his opponent to come to him, and most ships just couldn’t weather the fire.  I decided that the key to beating the list would be twofold:  kill the BSP’s and/or get behind the formation somehow.


Scott set up in his left corner with the three shuttles conga-lined at a roughly 45 degree angle, with the two ties tucked behind in the resulting pockets.  I sent Boba up the middle with Whisper on my left, hoping to lure him out.  Scott parked in place, shedding stress with Wingman & Yorr while I made my approach. 


In the crucial turn, Scott shifted the shuttles forward 1 and moved the TIE’s in front, anticipating dumping Yorr’s fire into Boba with everything else pointed at Whisper.  Unfortunately, Navigator & Engine Upgrade allowed Boba to pull an S-curve evade to the right flank—putting him out of arc and positioned to pounce the next turn.  Over on the left, Whisper managed to decloak & barrel roll further away, leaving only a single tie within range.


The next turn, Boba slammed into the herd.  The loss of actions was essentially meaningless, with Predator & HLC allowing him to light up the rest of the squadron.  Meanwhile, Whisper was completely ineffective against the two BSP’s (9 focused attack dice yielding one damage point over the last two turns!), but managed to stay undamaged.


The TIE’s died the next turn, which effectively ended the synergy of Scott’s build.  He was forced to shuffle forward to shed the stress he’d built up, which allowed Whisper to decloak forward / forward – 4 behind the formation.  With both Boba & Whisper dumping firepower from perfect position (and only 15hp worth of shuttle left), Scott conceded the game.


(100 – 0)


As the only undefeated player, I took 1st, taking home Gold Squadron & Z-95 alternate art cards, some acrylic bomb tokens, and a Defender.  Scott took 2nd.  Pauly took 3rd.  The Tantive went to Scott’s 2nd round opponent by random draw.


As always, Rainy Day put on an awesome event, and a Great Time was had by all…

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