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Separated at Birth - The LoTR Look-a-Like Thread!

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Do any cards remind you of other things? If so post the pics in here! Even if the link isn't clear as day.. as long as it is to you, then that is cool :)


Lol, he seems Steven Seagal


steven-segal-umilit-la-concertul-tiesto-     elrond.png





This has happened before!









All we know Imladris (a lot of players not name this card 'Imladris' or 'Stargazer', they name it directly 'Scarlett') since long time ago:


  ffg_imladris-stargazer-fos.jpg  Scarlett_Johansson_sexy_as_Black_Widow_i








They look pretty much the same to me.....

When I saw Orc Hunter the other day I thought of this.



(btw if you didn't know the creature above is Joanna from a movie)

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As a chinese player , I want to say this Bolomir looks very like the chinese actor who's name is XuJinJiang(徐锦江).

And also


Dain looks similar to the famous chinese actor Chow Yun fat(周润发)



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