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[Toronto, ON] Overdrive Draft @ Meeplemart, July 26th 2014

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Meeplemart will be hosting an Overdrive draft tournament featuring the Season 2 2014 Game Night Kits.


Where: Meeplemart (247 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON) The store is located in the lower (basement) level of the building.


When: Saturday, July 26th 2014. Registration begins at 12:00pm, expected tournament start time is 12:30pm


Cost: $5. Booster Packs and the Draft Starter must be purchased separately. You may bring your own Overdrive Draft Starter, but both the Corp and Runner booster packs must be purchased in the store. (the cost of each booster pack is $10)


Structure: A Full Draft, where each player will draft both a Corp and then a Runner deck using cards from the boosters and their Draft Starter. This will be followed by Swiss rounds appropriate to the number of players in the tournament:

8 players – 3 rounds

9-16 players – 4 rounds

17-32 players – 5 rounds


At the conclusion of Swiss prizes will be given out based on standing.


Prizes: The Season 2 2014 Game Night Kit.

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