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I accidently all the Heresy.....

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I don't know how comfortable the rest of you feel in altering the established sector of space but, I may hae gone a little far.


So back story...I have been playing DH since its OG release from BL (Black Library)

My continued campagin that has been ongoing has gone thru 3 groups and a few years.


It has been a combination of the tyrant cabal, Haarlock, and a little special blend.


The Cabal unknowingly has been doing the biding of Zerb working to his own desire to rule over the sector and extend his own life. Who better to help him with this idea than Fabious Bile. Now mix in Haarlock trying to get back into real space to complete his transformation.


So waht is the after math of this power house?

Haarlock stopped....Zerb and the Cabal on the run being hunted by the remains of the Inquisition(a new shadow war)...The Tri Corn almost burned to the ground...Inquisitor Maar heading up the Sectors Inquisition...and 3 to 4 planets that are no more.

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