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The Australian Call of Cthulhu LCG Championships

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Hey Team,


The 2014 Australian Call of Cthulhu LCG National Championships is on at Good Games Burwood August 16th. Details below


Where: Good Games Burwood

             Level 1, 195a Burwood Rd

             Burwood 2134

When: Saturday August 16th. 10am rego, 10.30am start-decklists required

Format: Standard Constructed. Shifting Sands story decks. Swiss rounds with a cut to a top 4 or 8 play off

Entry: $25

Prizes: The AWESOME FFG Call of Cthulhu prize kit given out on the day, everyone will get something. Plus a fun day of playing THE BEST LCG available


See you then, this will be fun



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Hey Investigators,


Quick heads up, we are having a Nationals warm up event at Good Games Burwood August 9th at 2pm. Entry is $10, we'll be cracking open a Games Night kit to use as prizes.


If you'd like to try the game come along at 1.30pm and a fine Cthulhu players will lend you a deck and show you how its done!





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Hey Team,


So last Saturday the Australian Call of Cthulhu Nationals was run and won at Good Games Burwood, and it was great. 16 players turned up to slug it out for a fine bunch of prizes, and the joy of playing a fantastic game. After 5 rounds and then a cut to the top 8, Kenny Nguyen, the 2013 champion, managed to defend his title easily, going undefeated on the day. 2012 Champion Troy Armstrong was the runner up, with 2013 runner up Jay Coad and new player Richard Plunket being the beaten semi finalists. Shane Brierley, also in his first ever Cthulhu tournament, finished unlucky 9th on strength of schedule. Decklists below


Kenny Nguyen Champion


3 Master of Myths

1 Doorway

1 Pose Mundane

1 Carl Stanford

3 Protector of Secrets

3 Lord Jeffrey Farrington

3 Joseph Meiger

3 B Ramsdale Brown

1 Stone Calender

2  Sebastian Blake

3 Rite of the Silver Gate

3 Many Angled Thing

3 Cursed Skull

3 Tenebrous Nightgaunt

3 Decrepit Wizard

1 Constricting Elder thing

2 Temporal Slip

2 Vortex of Time

3 Yithian Scout

3 Push into the Beyond

3 Faceless Abductor


Troy Armstrong Runner Up


3 Degenerate Serpent Cultist

3 Naaginn

3 Yroborus

2 Deep One Rising

3 Yithian scout

3 Constricting Elder thing

3 many Angled thing

3 Stalking Hound

3 Carl Stanford

3 Josef Meiger

3 Lord Jeffrey Farrington

3 Pushed into the Beyond

3 Vortex of Time

3 Cursed Skull

2 Flooded Vault

3 Khopesh of the Abyss

1 Hermetic Seal


Jay Zilla semi finalist


3 Collese Prospect

3 Alternative Hostorian

3 Research Assistant

3 medical Student

1 BrunoCariol

3 Artic Ethnologists

3 Student Archiologist

1 Lucas Teflow

1 Maurice Biggs

3 Focused Artstudent

3 Professor of Folklore

3 GHhost Hunter

2 Ol Lazy Eyes

3 Power Drain

3 Scotophobia

3 Agrophobia

3 Blind Submission

3 Expert testimony

3 Daring Buju

3 Flux Stabiliser


Richard Plunket semi finalist


2 Andrew Chapman

3 Artic Ethonologist

3 Brette Wulffsen

2 James "Cookie" Fredericks

2 Matthew Alexander

3 Roald Ellsworth

3 Urban Trialblazer

3 Alternate Historian

2 Whitton Greene

3 Overworked Graduate Student

1 Cylinders of Kadatheron

2 Sports Scholarship

3 Station Eismitte

2 Ultima Thule

3 Rabbits Foot

1 Binding

3 Daring Buju

1 Dr Carsons Treatment

3 Expert testimony

1 Night Class

1 With a fine tooth comb

3 Unearhting the Ancients


More later on, when the need for rest (or XCOM) isn't so powerful





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