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[Toronto, ON] Canadian Nationals Tournament, August 16 & 17, 2014 @ the International Centre

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Legends Warehouse is proud to bring you the inaugural Android: Netrunner Canadian Nationals event, August 16th and 17th! This tournament will bring some of the most cunning Runners and ruthless Corporations together to pit their wits against each other in what promises to be the largest Netrunner competition in Canada, ever! Come down to have a chance to win prizes from the FFG Nationals prize kits!


This 2-day event will feature not only the premier Nationals tournament, but additional tournaments on day 2, including a draft tournament featuring the new Overdrive draft sets!


Canadian Nationals will be part of the Legends Warehouse Battlegrounds Toronto 2014 Gaming Event. Information on this and other events, including pre-registration, can be found at .



Vital Information:


Date: August 16 and 17, 2014

Location: The International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd. Missisauga (Toronto), ON, Canada


Tournament Info: Pre-registration for this event and the side events will be available at . You can also register for the main event between 9:00am and 9:50am at the venue on August 16.


Entry Fee will be $20.


This event will be run at the Premier Tier of tournament play.


Decklists are REQUIRED for this event.


Legal sets: Sets that are on or past their release date in North America are legal for this tournament. Cards from the Overdrive draft set are legal ONLY if they are also in sets that have been released.


Tournament will begin at 10:00am.


If you have a Regionals bye you would like to redeem at this event, it must be done in person before the tournament begins. Decklists for your runner and corp decks are required for this event.


Day 1 of the tournament will consist of the Swiss portion of the event. The number of rounds will depend on the number of players enrolled in the event. Day 1 will conclude at the end of the final round of Swiss, and the top 16 players will proceed to the double elimination championship round on day 2.


Day 2 of the main event will consist of the Top 16 double elimination round, starting at 10:00am on August 17. Championship play will proceed until a winner is declared.



Side event information:


Day 2 Constructed: On August 17 there will be a constructed Netrunner tournament.


Entry Fee will be $10.


Tournament will begin at 11:00am.


Tournament Structure will be Swiss rounds, with the number of rounds determined by the number of players entered. At the conclusion of Swiss, prizes will be distributed based on standings after the final Swiss round.


Day 2 Overdrive Draft tournament: On August 17, there will be an Draft tournament featuring the Overdrive Draft set for Netrunner.


Entry Fee is $25. The cost of this event includes the Runner and Corp booster packs required for this event. Players may bring their own Overdrive Draft Starter packs, or they may purchase them at the event for an additional $5.


Tournament will begin at 12:00pm.


Tournament structure: Players will be separated into 8-player pods, draft a Corporation and Runner deck with the boosters provided, then proceed to Swiss match play with prizes given out at the conclusion of Swiss based on standing.


We hope to see you there!


Store website:


Android: Netrunner Tournament Rules document:



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UPDATE:  We will be following the U.S. Nationals legality for this event.  The Spaces Between will NOT be legal for the main event.  


The Sunday Challenge side event on Sunday August 17, will be ALLOWING Spaces Between cards for that event.

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