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force kin

new rebel stand-by: biggs pimpin

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Here is my new rebel squad. please critique, offer weaknesses and tweaks



Stealth device

blue squadron

roak garnett

ion cannon turret

airen cracken

squad leader

So idea here is to use biggs action to boost agility with r2f2. This gives biggs four total agility.

When its crackens action he gives biggs his action to focus. now biggs is 4 defence focused.

next, roak makes airen level 12 so he shoots first answer after he shoots he passes an action to either biggs or blue squad to beef their attacks.

If you can keep biggs at range three or behind asteroids he is rocking 5 agility focused. its prove extremely hard to punch through this in the games I've played.

only let down is a lack of offensive punch. cracken is pretty useless offensively except for handing out actions and roak can only do a max of one damage per turn.

still tho, this list has proven extremely frustrating when it works and has good flexibility, switching between buffing biggs defence when he is in range and biggs/blues offense when biggs can't be hit.

roak making anyone a level 12, and the ion turret should offer some resistance to phantoms tho I've never played a phantom squad with this list yet.


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It's pretty much as you said, you're spending a ton of effort keeping biggs alive, but at the expense of your offense.  In the end, I think that will hurt you more than help you unfortunately.


I hate giving people major advice on squads, so here's my only minor suggestion.


Change squad leader to swarm tactics on cracken, then do the following in a normal round:

Cracken takes focus or target lock, your choice

Roark does same

Blue takes focus

biggs takes r2 action


As combat starts

Have roark bump cracken to ps12, then pass that ps 12 to blue.

Have cracken shoot first at chosen target

Give his free action to blue in the form of a target lock to maximize his attack (he's your best offensive weapon)

Then have biggs and roark shoot as able.

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Garven + R2D6 + V.I.

Airen + S.T.

Biggs + R2F2




Airen S.T. Biggs to PS 8. Garven takes a focus, Biggs take R2F2 for actions.


Airen shoots and gives Biggs focus free action. Garven shoots at PS 8 (thanks to V.I.) and gives focus token to Biggs. Biggs shoots at PS8. Tarn shoots at PS 3 and is the closer.


Biggs defends with 3 agility and 2 focus tokens, 4 agility at range 3, 4/5 with an asteroid.


3 ships fire at PS8


3 ships have 3 attack dice and one has 2 for 11 total attack dice.

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