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Rakky Wistol

My Phantom Weekend

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Got in 5 games this past weekend and 4 of them were phantom dominated:


1st 2 games:

Sigma + Stygian + Recon + Sensor Jammer

Mauler + Swarm tactics

Omi + Vader

Omi + FCS



Defender + Hull upgrade x2

Black Squad + Predator x2


1st game was vs. my friends first time with wave 4 stuff and he couldn't get a bead on the phantom.  Vader and Mauler cleaned up whatever the phantom damaged and it was a pretty solid beat down.  Sigma phantom was the only loss for me...theme begins.


2nd match I subbed out Sensor Jammer on the Sigma to put Tacticians on both shuttles for stress fun.  Think between the 2 they only handed out 3 stress.  Vader went down fast and mauler soon followed.  After that they played chase the phatom while hipposhuttle bus turned around.  In the end the dice finally turned his way and the phatom went down.  Stygian phantoms are nasty but not unkillable...a theme that would pop up all weekend.  This, it should be noted, was at the hands of an 8 year old.  He's a **** good player for his age. 


Next evening my opponent wanted to give the phantom a shot.  He took something like:

Echo + Adv Cloak + PTL

Sigma + Stygian

Alpha interceptor



I busted out the new rebel fun:

Jan + Chewie + Ion

Tarn + R7 + Flechette

Tala + Concussion + Hull

Bandit + Concussion + Hull


I moved slowly up one side while he approached from the far side and started angling in.  1st shots were fired round 3 and I had spread out to cover phantom maneuvers.  Tala was able to lock the sigma and Bandit the alpha.  Howl pot shotted the bandit for 1. Jan only had a range 3 shot at the alpha and missed, echo blasted the bandit for 3 crits and 2 hits vs. no evades, Tala was boosted by Jan for 5 hits vs. the Sigma... 2 evades and an evade token later... only down to no shields.  Tarn had no shot and the sigma took the shields off the tala.  Alpha missed Jan.  Round 2 saw me park Tarn on an asteroid, Jan ionized echo, and there were a lot of bumps.  Everyone survived.  Round 3 was another ion on Echo and Tarn finally got a shot off while his ships repositioned taking away echo's shields.  Round 4 everyone got facing everyone again and Jan missed everything, howl and alpha started picking on Jan and Tarn flechetted on offense and used the defensive TL to shut down the phatoms for a turn. The next turn, despite defensive TL's, Tarn went down to the sigma only to return fire and kill him simultaneously.


We replayed the match but subbed Recon for PTL on echo since my opponent realized PTL was not so useful.  Same result: Echo lived, sigma died... I lost.



So despite playing "21 pts down" my opponent beat me the first match (howlrunner only affected 1 reroll and PTL is bad on echo phantom) and I was only able to corral one phantom... the Stigian cloaked one.  Both of us played better the second match and the same result: ACD phantom lives Stitian cloak phantom is "durable" enough and takes out enough points before dying.  I point this out because there is a lot of phantom hate right now and I think it should be VI + ACD hate, the phantom alone is tough but killable. 


My last match I ran:

Vessary + HLC + Outmanuver

NB + Targeting computer

Gamma + flechette

Scimitar + seismic


Green + PTL

Blue + FCS

Ewing + Engine

Ywing + Ion


It wasn't even a game.  Vessary with Guaranteed focus and TL and outmaneuver with a white Kturn is lethal.  Lethal.  This was vs. my buddies 8 year old, who beat me earlier with the defenders.  This time he was tabled with me only losing the scimitar.  He didn't focus fire well enough but had the sheilds gone from Vessary and the gamma at 1hp.


Anyway... that was my weekend.   Phantoms are awesome and fun... ACD, if there is a problem, is the actual problem.

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