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A Literal and formal appology to The Professor, Julia, and Obsessivegamer.

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This is to appologize for the way I reacted to The Professor, Julia, and Obsessivegamer.

I appologize to the Professor because of all the ribbing I gave him about his "pretentious" name which it turns out is pretty much literal and he can call himself the Dhali Lhama from now on for all I'll say about it....

I appologize to Obsessivegamer for yelling "Idiot!" at you which in the tone vacum of cyberspace could be construed as-look I was wrong. Dead wrong. My reaction to someone being reactionary was to be - even more reactionary? I'm sorry.

I appologize to Julia for my attitude and approach to talking about FFG games and for even giving the impression that I was not a supporter. Let me be clear. I think FFG is doing things RIGHT. What I mis stated was that GAMING has a balance challenge. I did not mean to imply that it was FFG only. Here though I thought I could speak to FFG as a freind and I'm not the kind of friend who tells you what you want to hear, I'm the kind that tells you what you need to hear and to me that would be the kind that tells you what you market is saying that don't come to forums. Overwhelmingly it is that issue but that's not FFG's fault.

In fact some of my more incindiary posts were about my surprise that people do not show more gratitude for not the genius but the simple evolutionary model of the LCG. As well as the Herculean courage necessary to push THAT idea through a strokey beard meeting.

Appologies for those who felt I went (albeit I believe, justifiably) nova and called (hokay I'll just be honest here, I lost count.) "whiners."

This is completely unaccable and I appologize.

What I should have said was that it is your actions that I take issue with not you yourselves. That's ridiculous. I don't even know you! No, I should have said that your actions display ingratitude and a lack of appreciation for an idea and marketing model that I guarantee you was at least one person putting their job on the line.

So I appologize for my clear lack of um, clarity on that as well.

I make no appologies for Aykt'Scion however because that was just plain FUN! (and duh, I'm not him, go ask him if you want one....I'm sure he'll be happy to give it to you once he's turned it into a tomato.....)

So happy gaming all and take care,


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