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Salem NH League at Myriad Games

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Myriad Games Netrunner Achievement League


A friendly league designed to promote deck design experimentation


  • League Start date: Tuesday, July 15

  • League End date: Tuesday, August 5

  • League entry fee: $5

  • Each participant will be awarded alternate art cards (Wyldside) just for joining the league and participating, so there is something for everyone regardless of how you do.

  • Additional prizes include 2 deck boxes (Komainu and Gabe), 1 play mat (Planned Assault) and 1 alternate art ID (HB: Engineering the Future)

  • August 12, the week after the league finishes, the top ranked players get their pick of the prizes in rank order.

  • Updates on people’s standings will be provided each week as well as any discussions within the Myriad Games Netrunner Google Group.  You can request an invitation to the Google Group from your e-mail account you want associated with the group.  It is here that we will discuss upcoming events, questions and provide feedback.  It is also a good place to discuss who might be coming on any given week as a roll-call.


League Rules


  • Players must agree that they are playing a league match before they start, and both players must be part of the league for the match to count as part of the league.

  • Players shall play a complete match, which is playing both the runner and the corporation against the same person.

  • Prestige Points will be earned based on completion of Achievements, outlined below. Each Achievement can only be earned once.

  • Each player will have a League progress sheet (provided when they sign up) where they will track their completion of Achievements. This sheet will be left in a binder at the Myriad Salem location, so people can play games at any time although the main meetup day will be Tuesdays.



  • Runner

    • Play a game as Anarch - 1

    • Play a game as Shaper - 1

    • Play a game as Criminal - 1

    • Win a game by stealing Agendas - 1

    • Expose an agenda or ambush - 1

    • Win a game with 3 or more Brain Damage - 2

    • Make a successful run through 4 or more rezzed ICE - 2

    • Have 25 or more credits - 2

    • Win a game while having 2 or fewer icebreaker types in play (fracter, killer, decoder, AI) - 2

    • Have 10 or more virus tokens in play - 2

    • Win a game where you were 4 or more points behind the Corp at some point - 2

    • Win a game with a non-Professor deck that uses 0 influence - 2

    • Win a game while having 5 or more tags - 2

    • Spend 15 or more credits during a run - 2

    • Steal 2 or more Agendas in a single run - 3
    • Win a game while having no icebreakers in play - 4

    • Win a game by decking out the Corp - 5


  • Corp

    • Play a game as Weyland - 1

    • Play a game as NBN - 1

    • Play a game as Haas Bioriod - 1

    • Play a game as Jinteki - 1

    • Win a game by scoring agendas - 1

    • Trash an installed Resource - 1

    • Trash an installed Program - 1

    • Have 25 or more credits - 2

    • Flatline the runner with Meat damage - 2

    • Have 5 or more rezzed pieces of ICE on a server - 2

    • Win a game where you were 4 or more points behind the Runner at some point - 2

    • Win a game with a deck that uses 0 influence - 2

    • Have 5 or more advancement tokens on a card in a server (non-ICE) during the Runner’s turn - 2

    • Have the runner access an Ambush in a remote server with at least 2 rezzed ICE - 2

    • Score 4 or more points in a single turn - 3

    • Flatline the runner with Net damage - 3

    • Flatline the runner with Brain damage - 4

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