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Target Types

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Thought I'd share this from our game.  It, particularly the minion rule, does help to clarify things and tends to speed up large combats. I found it's also a bit more cinematic.  


Target Types

There are four types of combatants. Each one uses slightly different rules for how they fight and take damage in combat. A fated character is any PC, Minion, or an NPC with the Touched by Fates trait. A mook character is any of the rest of the masses of humanity an human-like xenos across the galaxy. A beast is any being too large or resilient to damage to be a mook, or without a discernible anatomy, such as giant insects or animated statues. Lastly, vehicles are simply any large mechanical conveyance, such as a Sentinel Walker or a ground car.


Heroic Armor: So long as they have wounds remaining, fated characters always use their highest armor value.

Righteous Fury: Righteous Fury on a living target will now work the same way it does on vehicles and starships, it will cause an automatic d5 critical hit, even if the target has wounds remaining. Fated characters can benefit from Righteous Fury.


Righteous Fury: Any Mook hit by a Righteous Fury attack is automatically killed or incapacitated, at the shooters choice. Mooks cannot benefit from Righteous Fury.

No Near Misses: Mooks have no wounds, any hit that bypasses their armor and toughness automatically carries over to the abridged critical table below. Hits to the head gain a +1 to their effect on the table. Mooks with the Iron Jaw talent half damage applied to the table as normal.


1 The target suffers a point of fatigue, they also suffer an additional -10 penalty with the use of the limb struck, if applicable.


2 The target suffers half their toughness bonus in fatigue and is stunned for 2 rounds, they also suffer an additional -20 penalty with the use of the limb struck, if applicable.


3 The target suffers their toughness bonus in fatigue, knocking them out. The limb struck, if applicable, is useless.


4 The target is completely incapacitated, and suffering blood loss. The limb, if applicable, is either missing or useless.


5 The target is killed instantly.



Is it dead yet? Beasts have wounds (usually lots) but have no critical hits table. They die when they reach 0 wounds.

Righteous Fury Righteous Fury attacks against beasts ignore the damage reduction from the beast's toughness bonus.


Vehicles use the rules as presented in Into the Storm.

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