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Crown of Destinies - released today?

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Thats regional pricing for you, Australians get paid VERY well, but everything here costs a small fortune so the very good wage gets diminished a good amount by that.


My local shop will sell it to me for $49 ($46.03 USD) which they claim is the Australian RRP, or i can buy it online (after it travels around the globe) for $32.99($30.99 USD). So they mark it up by 49% of the price... Id love to support my LFGS but a 49% markup above what i can get it online for is ridiculous.


Its a vicious cycle, i am sure his rent for his store, his insurances, his bills, his cost of living and the product he buys is all at inflated costs. That added to the fact his turnover would be diminished by online sales means he has to push up the price to stay afloat.


You are right there Bento!  The FLG's that I have talked to have been stuffed around form their suppliers as well, so I actually find it quicker AND cheaper to get it from the U.S.  The Hero and monster packs have been harder to get, but I have picked them up for under $40 AUS on ebay.

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