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XXZZZ vs AABB = 4 turns

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Still relatively new, but finally got the squadron that I really want to run.

Z95, Blount, Assault Missile

Z95, Tala, Assault Missile, Munitions Failsafe

Z95, Tala

X-Wing, Red Squad

X-Wing, Red Squad


He ran a missile/Torp heavy AABB list

2x A, Prototype, Homing Missile (1 each)

2x B, Blue Squad, Advanced Proton Torpedo (1 each)



He won the dice off for initiative, Asteroids deployed...nothing special.

He setup ABBA with each ship spread out equally across the zone.

I setup towards my left side ZZX front row, Z (Blount) and X rear row staggered behind the 3 front ships.


Turn 1, He moves up 2, banking 1 of his B's to form up with the other B...but mistakes the range and hits a rock. No damage. The right A Wing moving 5 to get into the fight.

I move up in a series of Right banks, the right ship banking 1, the middle banking 2, and the left banking 3. The rear ships follow through. No bumps!!! I'm finally getting a handle on formation flying.

Turn 2, He moves up the left A wing 3 banking farther away from the Bs and cutting off that route past him. The Bs move up 3 together (the B in the rocks taking 1 damage getting out of the rocks), the right A wing starts to bank in at speed 3. He's out of range so he Focuses.

I move up 3 getting all ships into range 3 of the Bs, put target locks from Blount, the missile Z, and an X wing onto the wounded B. The other Z and X Focus. 2 Assault Missiles into the wounded B hurt it bad and take down 2 shields from the other B. The X wing with target Lock finishes off the B. The Focused Z and X put more hurt on the remaining B. His B shoots, 1 hit, I evade. The closest A wings banking maneuver took it out of firing arc and the other A is beyond range 3 still.

Turn 3. He 90 degree turns the Left A back into the fight while the Right A makes a long bank 3 and comes into the fight. His B does a lazy 2 bank towards my left hoping my expected turn to the right (away from an asteroid) takes me out of arc. Instead my entire flight K turns. While this disrupts my formation somewhat I now have all of his ships in arc. Blount and the 2 X's finish off the B, the remaining Zs strip the shields off the A screaming in from the right. His A's shoot and a pull a shield off Blount and remove both shields from an X.

Turn 4. He does another short maneuver and I do a lazy bank removing all stress, then focus everything. At this point he realizes I'm going to dump everything into the hurt A wing until it dies, the repeat on his other one so he concedes.

A major contribution to this was my dice. Since we each have the basic 6 dice, we mixed them in the middle in a pool to draw whatever we needed. Regardless, I was rolling a ton of Hits and a decent amount of Crits while my opponent was rolling about average.

We went to get some food and drink an critiqued the game, mostly coming to the conclusion that cheaper ships (lower PS ratings) with tons of expensive goodies get trumped by a higher PS controlling the range (getting a lock when he cant) and shooting first. And the ever true...shoot the biggest threat until it is dead.


I found this to be a nice combination. The PS between the ships are identical (with Blounts PS 6 being not too bad) but more importantly the Z and the X have almost identical movements (3K vs 4K and 2 turns that are white instead of green). This makes it very easy to keep the ships in a formation while concentrating firepower.

I may make a minor change...changing a Red Squad X-Wing to a Rookie, then giving Blount "Swarm Tactics." This would let me boost either the second missile Z or the Rookie X up to PS 6 in case I am facing any PS 5 Aces or other PS4 ships (who have initiative).

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Nice report and good flying!  I just did an EZXX the other day and realized that the Z and X K-turn well if the Z is behind the X.


Way to go with the Assault Missiles.  I think your friend could have done better if he kept his firepower together, instead of having the A's out of the game most of the time and getting the B's shot up without much to answer (the low PS also hurt).

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