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Tantive IV Mission 4

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Tonight I play the final mission of the Tantive Campaign. I'll be playing Rebels, my friend is Imperials.


I won the first game, and then he shallacked my ass in the following 2 missions.  It was pretty sad.


So, I will have CR90 plus 1 free upgrade, plus 100 squad points.

He'll have 240 points spread across 4 groups.

He'll also have 4 "charges" for the asteroids, as well as 5 "scopes" for deploying his forces.


For me to win I need to destroy enemy forces or run off the long edge of a 6' play area.


Here's my basic strategy:

1. I'm going for a "run away" list.

2. To that end, I think I'm going to skirt the CR90 down one side of the map and refuse a flank.

3. Biggs will fly on the inside of the CR90 (between the edge of the map and the CR90, with about, literally, 1 CM on either side of him, but roughly in the middle/halfway point of the CR90 (where the blue line is).

4. The basic idea will be to force fire on Biggs, but through the CR90 it will grant 3 bonus agi dice (see below).

5. A turreted ship will cover the rear of the CR90, and possibly another ship in front of Biggs to protect the front.


All that being said, here's the basic list I'm thinking of using:


CR90 (15 upgrade points)

-quad lasers (0, free uprade)

-engineering team (4)

-tibanna gas supplies (4)

-dodonna's pride (4)

-em emitter (3)


Biggs + R5 (26) To take attacks off the CR90 and other escort ships.


Dutch + R2D6 + Draw their Fire + Ion cannon (30) - covers CR90 rear blindspot, helps with TL, and offloads crits from Biggs and CR90 to himself.


Dagger Squad + Ion Cannon, + Bwing Crew + Nien Nunb (29) Ionizes ships in front, laugh as CR90 squishes them, and general forward facing firepower.  Nien nunb because the whole team will be moving fast, and we might need to do some 4^ green maneuvers.


I've done multiple versions of this same theme, including Biggs + Lando, etc.  But the basic gist is usually the same.  Biggs provides his usual deal, put a turreted ship in back of the procession to cover the CR90's rear blindspot and another ship in the front to discourage anyone from attacking the front.  All small ships are protected by CR90's EM Emitter, except being shot in absolute front or back.  "Draw their fire" is to take hits off of the CR90 and/or Biggs.  Procession would look something like this:


|            --------------- 

|   B      [                  ]

|           [                  ]

|   X      [    CR90     ]     Direction of travel = ^

|           [                  ]

|   Y      [                  ]

|           [_________]

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I could have sworn this was in one of the documents that came with the ships, but I can only find it in the epic tournament rules right now:

Epic Play Card Restrictions

This section describes official restrictions and changes to card text in Epic X-Wing tournaments:

•Biggs Darklighter’s card text should read “Other friendly SMALL AND LARGE ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target you instead.”

•Gunner, Luke Skywalker, and Navigator cannot be equipped to huge ships.

EDIT: Here's the link.

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Well thanks for the info.  It didn't matter as rebels lost with about 4 moves left to the edge of the opposing game board.  I'll post an official write up at some point.

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