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Am I a poor GM?

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I shot milk out of my nose this morning reading about the psyker summoning the bloodthirster. 


Don't get to upset at your group. When I played my first BC game I was over zealous and REALLY wanted to gain the favor of Khorne. So much so that when we found our first bloodletter I challenged it to single combat, after I got put into bleedout and loosing an arm, my group finished it off by shooting it to death. After a quick stim to stop the bleeding i thought it would be a good idea to try and drink its blood (I thought I would get a gift of chaos or something).... and the GM killed me since I decided to drink freakin daemon blood with negative wounds. 


I was a sad panda but I learned my lesson and the games since I have toned down the recklessness. Vrakas14 said this.


Ha Ha! :lol: What a laugh! Can't believe you would drink daemon blood because most describe it as boiling hot ichor, deadly to drink. Why challenge a bloodthirster? Better start small first.


Truly that is some devotion to Khorne! But allas the gods can be fickle. But take comfort as you die, know that your blood is welcome to...

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