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Alternate Draft Format?

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I know this should go in the Draft section of the game. I love playing the draft format with friends but playing it to many times seems to dull it out. Is there anyone here that can suggest a new constructed draft with cards from the GOT universe. I ran into a wall on how to setup a new deck of 19 cards and 50 card drafts.

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Sorry for a late reply. Here is what I wrote for agotcards.org discussion forum some time ago in regards to drafting procedures:


 If a person wants to draft and can only find 2-3 people around to draft (or just wants to try new draft versions), then usually alternative drafting schemes used. They pretty much reproduce the drafting archetypes of standard drafting scheme with some minor caveats (less consistency in drafting pools and for types like Sealed much less chance to get combo decks going). The names of schemes are:

1. Sealed pools (any number of players, from 2 and up) - Each person opens X booster packs (fo MtG it's 6 packs with total of 84 cards, so for AGoT it will be probably 2 booster packs of 50) and builds best deck they can out of the provided pool.
Pros: Speed, Cons: Sometimes you just open a bad pool
2. Solomon drafting (best for 2 players, minor modifications for 3 or higher) - 2 times X boosters (X=3 for Magic, X=1 for AGoT) are open and shuffled together in 1 pile. Then each person takes turns picking up 4 cards from general pile, looking at them and separating them in two 2 piles. Second person selects one of the piles and first person takes the left pile. Process repeated from start by second person next and so on.
Pros: Very skill intensive, Cons: Very skill intensive
3. Winchester/Winston/Rochester drafting (usually 2 players) - Similar to Solomon, but harder to explain..Easier to Google.=)
Pros: Rochester is considered the most skill intensive drafting format in MtG (99.999% sure it will translate the same way to AGoT), Cons: Skill intenstive, hard to scale to more than 2 people
Alternative Draft Schemes (usually standard number of players, but can be done as 1-3 versions of standard drafting):
4. Cube drafting  - You know what it is, but for other people, cube drafting is handcrafted draft pool either based around some subtheme, e.g., only Stark cards in the pool or no cards cheaper than 5 gold, but usually just most broken and strongest cards of the whole card pool.
5. Backdrafting - the LOLZ of all the drafting formats: Each player tries to draft the WORST deck they can, because after the draft, decks are given to other people at random (so you are playing not the deck you drafted)
Pros: fun to draft the worst decks ever, Cons: not fun to play the worst decks ever.=)
6. Rotisserie draft (any number of people) - people have access to all the pool (one of each card from all possible draft cards) and all pool is visible. Each person takes 1 card from the whole pool, then next person and so on, till necessary number of cards has been drafted.
Pros: fun to draft, Cons: takes ridiculous amount of time (could take 5 hours with enough people involved)
7. Team drafting (Usually 6 people - two teams of 3): Seat in position A, B, A, B, A, B. Draft as usual draft, drafted pools are not shared, but teams play team matches and can discuss deck building and what cards they saw passed between team members. Team matches proceed as follows: Member of team A is paired against random member of team B and so on, making it 3 total games. Team that wins 2 out of 3 games or more wins the match.
Pros: Allows you to play as a team which is often more fun than playing for yourself. Cons: Skill intensive, requires some strategy within the team.
8. For true aficionados of draft and people who drafted more than is healthy: Cube Solomon Backdrafting and so on (all possible combinations of 1-5)
Pros: if you draft every day, get tired of drafting and still want to draft; Cons: only truest of the drafters will be able to appreciate the complexity of such monster draft formats
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