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Activating monsters that are placed in the middle of a turn?

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Played the finale of SoN tonight (The City Falls) and when a quest objective is destroyed the overlord gets to place an open group.

The question that arose was if the overlord gets to activate them that same turn or not.

We ruled that it was allowed since we were still in the "activate monsters" phase of the overlord turn and the newly placed monsters had not activated yet.


We were not 100% sure about this one though...can anyone explain if we played this correctly or not?



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I agree with your interpretation. The newly placed monster group has not been activated yet, and you are still in the main "activating monsters" phase of the OL's turn, so the new group may be activated this turn.

The only reason the OL is not allowed to activate reinforcements that are placed in the "end of turn" step on that turn is because "End of Turn" is entirely after "Activating Monsters." By the same token, reinforcements placed during "Start of Turn" may indeed be activated that turn.

Note that the OL would need to at least finish activating monsters from the group that was currently being activated before activating the new group, since the rules require him to activate all monsters in a single group in sequence before moving on to the next group.

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