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AoR Compiled Resources

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Resources for Edge of the Empire can be found at the below link:

That link has a good many resources that can be transferred into Age of Rebellion (Species, NPC sheets, Character sheets, etc.), however the adventures and some of the other posts are based around EotE moreover. So, I was curious to see if anyone had any AoR resources available (bases, missions, AoR based character sheets, and such).

I haven't read through any of the EotE adventures in the above link (not enough time on my hands), but I assume that they could be transferred to an AoR setting with some work; however, I doubt they all work off of a military setting or a more Rebellion feel, which is why I felt like we should compile some adventures, setting, and NPCs for AoR.

Feel free to contribute or put up your ideas!


A FFG Star Wars RPG Index by Aahzmandius_Karrde:

The Horros of the Empire: A Story by CastleCruncher:

The New Deals: An AoR Adventure by PartTimeGamer39:

Thanks for Shopping: An Adventure also by PartTimeGamer39:

AoR Blog by Nate:


Beginner Box Stands by OddDude:


Folios by Kainrath:




The following have been copied directly from the EotE Resources page:


General Information--Wookieepedia


Form-Fillable Character Sheet from Caied


Form-Fillable Companion Sheet from SaraMcDohl


Form-Fillable Vehicle Sheet from Sara McDohl


Weapon Modifications Sheet from Bennxn


NPC Cards from 9littlebees

Letter Size

A4 Size


Alien Species


OggDude's Character Generator

(Dropbox manual install)

(Dropbox web install)

(Google drive manual install)

(Google drive web install)


Reference Sheets from Gribble

One-Page Reference sheet

Combat Reference Sheet

Critical Cards

Talent Tree Reference


DylanRPG's Form-Fillable Character Sheet


Valiant One's Character Creation Aid


Daniel Cowdery's Starship and Vehicle Aid


Ways of the Force


Kaalamity's Companion Sheet


Star Wars Crawl Generator

(Thanks to Venthrac for the mention)


Another Crawl Generator

(Thanks to ArisSN for the mention)


Star Wars Name Generator

(Thanks to IceBear for the mention)


Star Wars Soundboards


Range-Tracking Tool from CharlieBananas


Expanded Rules for Starship Repair


Index of NPCs from Musket_Max


Kainrath's Loot Table


Stan's Combat Tracker


Lots of Good Artwork



Edited by Castlecruncher

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Nate, nice review and comparison on your blog of the differences between the CRB chapters in EOTE and AOR. Thanks.

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Here's a list of things I think might be useful to create resources of (just got the CRB, and thought they might be useful to have on printed paper):

Group Contribution Rank Guidelines (Table 9-3, Pg. 325)

Fifty Personality Traits (Table 9-4, Pg. 331)

Rebel Alliance Military Ranks (Top Tab, Pg. 393)

Base/Ship Layouts

Organized Artworks (Showin' off yer mad skillz, or posting pictures related to adventures)

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You should look at the Edge resource thread. Some are useful for both like the creatures. Those bases on the edge of no where tend to have creature problems. 

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Sorry for not posting in a while: I've been busy with other things, and haven't been able to use my computer (computers are the easiest way to copy and paste).


I've added some of the files from the EotE page. Sorry for the white background; it's because of how I copied it. I'm currently unsure of how to fix the issue, but it shouldn't matter that much.

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