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Finally won a game - really disappointed with the lack of ending - solution in post

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I love this game, but when I finally won - that's it!?


No text? No message for winning?


Just "yep, that's the 3rd mystery solved, let's pack it up."


Even when you lose you get awesome text describing how the world is destroyed!


I think this is a major oversight, and it could be solved very easily with just some short flavor text specific each god.


Thankfully, someone on reddit already wrote it all up - and it's beautiful.


For example, the flavor text for beating Azathoth made the game feel complete to me:


You spoke it’s true name… at the appointed place… at the designated time… Has it been enough? You’ve done all you can and you hope your research was worth it. That night you sleep well, the sound of the thin, monotonous piping of an unseen flute that has haunted your dreams for years has stopped. The swirling spirals of black vortices that used to wake you screaming have vanished. Your world is quiet now, the news is filled with mundane stories, perhaps everything is as it should be. Or perhaps you’re already dead…



Such a small thing but really made the game for me.


You can find the other win texts for each god in the post on reddit:




Please put something like this in a future expansion Fantasy Flight.

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I actually made up some win/fail texts myself! I'm still working on them, and I only have enough based on which expansions I have at the time of this writing, but it could be of use to you for at least the base game (and Yig)! Give it a look too, it may have updated since I posted it here. If anyone else wants to add something, feel free to suggest it! I wrote win/fail conditions for each eldritch horror as well as win conditions for their individual mysteries as well!


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