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Tim Huckelbery

New Designer Diary up!

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I work on boats, and whenever I think about how it would be to live in a hive city complex, or on a voidship. I always think of what it's like in the engine room and below decks. The only real difference is scale. When you're out on the ocean, a boat literally is a prison. You might not be on duty, but that doesn't mean there's anywhere to go or anything to do. I was never in the Navy, and I've never worked on any really big boats, the largest I've worked on is a 128' ocean going tugboat, but it gets really claustrophobic really fast. The worst part is there is absolutely no privacy at all. Only people that annoy you less than others as time drags painfully on. As  mentioned on another thread, the edge of darkness adventure from the original game had some fantastic descriptions of what some parts and aspects of life in a hive would probably be like. It also sounds like that adventure was a pretty big inspiration for this adventure.

Just a quick point, two things you are never ever without as a marine engineman are a flashlight and hearing protection. Big engines in cramped spaces equals hearing damage in very short order. I never knew just how dark darkness could be before we lost power when I was below decks. Surrounded literally on all sides by literally hundreds and hundreds of tons of steel, there is not only no ambient light, there is no way for even the brightest sunlight to get to you, even if you can feel it radiating through the bulkheads in the form of heat.

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