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Order of the Silver Twilight Faction outside the Expansion?

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I have just got the core set, and have a question.


Do you keep getting cards for the Order of the Silver Twilight in other expansions and Cycle Packs?


Basically am I going to continue to get new cards for this faction after I buy this expansion, or am I going to be stuck with just the cards in it's original box?


I couldn't find details on any of the FFG pages if the new cards included were for the first 7 factions, or included the 8th.



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Several cycles had passed before the Silver Twilight faction was introduced, so the earlier asylum packs do not contain any cards for that faction, but since that time every pack and deluxe expansion has included Silver Twilight cards.

Asylum Pack Cycles that include Silver Twilight:

* Forgotten Lore - No

* Summons of the Deep - No

* Dreamlands The Dreamlands - No

* The Yuggoth Contract - No

* The Rituals of the Order - Yes

* Ancient Relics - Yes

* Revelations - Yes

Deluxe Expansions that include Silver Twilight:

* Secrets of Arkham - No

* The Order of the Silver Twilight - Yes

* Seekers of Knowledge - Yes

* The Key and the Gate - Yes

* Terror in Venice - Yes

* Denizens of the Underworld - Yes

* The Sleeper Below - Yes

I also recommend checking out FFG's Deeper into the Dreamlands article.

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