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Hyperconvenient list of Broken Reaction Actions

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I was bored.  Here's the list for your upcoming or current broken characters :)


REACTION ACTIONS (aka the "Free Attacks List"):

Counterblow - shield+wep; target missed you and you used block action; free response attack


Riposte: melee; target missed you and you used parry; free response attack


Who's Next: You defeat enemy and an ally in close range: Your ally gets a free attack


Hostile Redirection: you dodged; ENEMY'S attack hits HIS engaged ally


Do it now!(green): ally moves up in initiative to NOW if not at INIT yet


Me first: move your turn to NOW if not in INIT yet; early attack



One Last Blow: received crit; free attack



Epic shoot first, ask q's never: free attack before init.



Avenging strike -you or ally hit for dmg; free attack.

Bitter tenacity: gain soak; ignore min wound.




Coup de grace: engaged knocked prone; free attack


One last blow: you got critt'd; free attack


Retribution: shield; att missed blocked; free attack




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I think reactions are great. All of my players "suffer" more or less from card bloat, they have more (combat) actions than they can use in any given combat. Reactions (and enhancement cards) offer the chance to purchase additional action cards which are useful for the players.


I do agree it's powerful to get a free attack, but often that the reaction attacks are not that powerful as they are often equivalent of a basic melee strike in power. :)

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imo, the reaction cards are a MUST to maximize dmg output and minimize dmg income.


@Khalual: the listed Actions are stand-alone cards with unique success/boon lines.


I use the following routine on my myrmidian priest:

monster turn: improved block + dodge/dirty tricks ----(if blocked)---> counterblow

on my turn: sword&board (on 2x boon: recharge block action card)


then you could use "Retribution" (again kicked off by block)

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I too find reaction cards fine, they spice up and break up "ping pong volley" and I absolutely give them to foes - in particular humanoid ones to make them more memorable etc.  NPC spellcasters of course have Counterspell or Improved Counterspell., any good duelist or sword & board knight has some reactive attacks, etc.

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