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French AgoT community needs help & support

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hello guys

may i ask you something to help the french growing AgoT community ? 
here's the problem : 
the LCG format has done very well, especially since the amazing success of Netrunner : this game has taken everyone by storm and has put the focus on these other LCGs, especially AGoT, the oldest and the hottest since the tv show
Edge publishes the game in France (as well as Germany & Spain), and last year the Coreset has been available again, as well as the first and second cycles; unfortunately, cycles 3 and 4 are out of stock and have never been published in the new 60 cards format
That's why most of the guys discovering the LCGs with Netrunner (everything available , 60 cards X3) are a bit hesitant to dive into Thrones, especially when they know they can't have ALL the cards (of course, we can play the game till the end of the world with all the pool of cards available) : but i'm sure it is an obstacle in the french market, cycles 3 and 4 are key to this game even now
Hopefully you can help and tell FFG guys to let Edge reprint the third and fourth cycles to the new format, so that the whole game is updated and can attract a new pool of gamers
let me know what you think

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Those cycles have been reprinted in the US, in the 60-card format. So my guess is that if they are not being reprinted in France, it has little to do with FFG.

As for the size of the card pool - a psychological impediment to getting into the game that all markets complain about - remember that FFG has said they will make an announcement regarding the size of the card pool (which most people take to mean some sort of rotation) in November (after the World Championship weekend).

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