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Bullroarer Took

Three friends set out from Isengard…

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Glorfindel (Spirit)


Aragorn (Lore)

Boromir (Tactics)

Opening Threat 28


Mulligan my first draw into:

Light of Valinor x2

Elrond’s Council

Unexpected Courage

Test of Will

Warden of Healing


Place Boar Clan Stalker engaged with me.  Draw a card (Close Call) and place a token on BCS.  Pay 1 from Glory to play LoV on Glory.  I will lose Unexpected Courage to the Quest next turn, but it can’t be helped.


Turn 1

Quest with everyone and play Elrond’s Council for 7 WP. (Threat 25)  Reveal Low on Provisions and place one damage on each hero.  Place Old South Road in the victory display and three progress on Quest 1B.


Proceed to Combat and ready Boromir.  (Threat 26)  Defend with Boromir against BCS who has only one token.  No shadow effect and so it’s 1 attack versus 2 defense.  Ready Boromir (threat 27) and attack BCS with Glory and Boro.  Bye bye Stalker.


End of turn, remove a token from 1B, raise threat to 28 and ready everything.  Looking good so far.


Turn 2

Draw a card - Galadhrim’s Greeting.  Play Warden of Healing. Resources: G1, A0, B2


Quest with Glory (WP3).  Reveal Hills of Dunland and place one progress on 1B.  I decide NOT to travel to Hills now because I am almost sure to lose whatever card I draw at the end of the turn.  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir and Aragorn.


End of turn, remove the second token from 1B.  Discard my hand and draw Master of the Forge and Silvan Refugee.  Threat goes to 29 and ready everyone.


Turn 3

Draw Asfaloth.  Play Refugee.  Resources: G1, A1, B3


Quest with Glory and Refugee.  Reveal Dunland Berserker.  WP 5 vs Th 4 = 1 progress on 1B (5).  Travel to Hills of Dunland.  Draw Unexpected Courage.  Discard is not an enemy.


Engage Berserker.  Defend with Boromir.  Shadow is +1 At and an additional Shadow card.  New Shadow is +1 At for each shadow.  So attacking 5 defending two.  Boromir takes 3… not good.  Glory and Aragorn attack and kill Berserker.  Exhaust Warden to heal Glory and Boromir (D2).


End of turn, threat to 30 and 1 token on 1B.


Turn 4

Draw Protector of Lorien.  Tough decision to make here, but I opt to play Master of the Forge knowing I’ll lose Protector at turn’s end.  Exhaust Master and see a Song of Wisdom and a Gondorian Shield.  Take the Shield and play it.  Play Unexpected Courage on Aragorn.  Resources: G0, A0, B3.


Quest with Glory, Aragorn and Refugee (WP7) and reveal Hithaeglir Foothills (surge) into Plains of Enedwaith.  (Th 2)  Place 3 progress on Hills and 2 on 1B (7), discard Hills and travel to Foothills.  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir (D1).


End of turn, remove the second token from 1B and discard my hand.  Draw Unexpected Courage and Feint.  Two tokens on 1B.  Threat to 31.


Turn 5

Draw Song of Wisdom.   Exhaust Master and take Burning Brand.  Boromir plays Song on himself, and Aragorn and Boromir combine to put Brand on Boromir.  Now defending 4 with no threat of Shadow.  (This is how this deck is designed to operate.)


Quest with Glory, Aragorn (ready UC), Refugee (WP7).  Reveal Dunland Tribesman and draw A Test of Will.  WP 7 vs Th3 = 4 progess on Foothills and discard it.  Travel to Plains of Enedwaith.


Engage Tribesman.  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir (D0).  Boromir defends.  (Shadow card has no effect) 4At vs 4Df = no damage.  Glory and Aragorn kill Tribesman.


End of turn remove 1 token from 1B, increase threat to 32 and ready everyone and everything.


Turn 6

I do not draw due to Enedwaith, but exhaust Master to look at Song of Kings which gets played on Aragorn along with a second copy of Unexpected Courage.  Resources: G0, A1, B1.


Quest with Glory, Aragorn (ready UC) and Refugee.  Reveal Off Track which attaches to the active location and surges into Low on Provisions.  I distribute 6 damage among the heroes (two each).  WP7 vs Th0 = 7 progress.  Plains now takes 4 due to Off Track and the remaining 3 go to 1B (10).  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir (D1) and Aragorn (D1).


End of turn, discard my hand and draw Asfaloth and Song of Wisdom.  Threat to 33. Ready everyone and place two tokens on 1B.


Turn 7

Draw Power of Orthanc. Exhaust Master for Song of Kings (meh).  Play Asfaloth on Glory, SoK on Boromir.  Resources: G1, A0, B1.


Quest with Glory only (WP3) and reveal Hills of Dunland (Th2) for one progress on the quest (11/18).  Exhaust Asfaloth to place 2 progress on Hills and draw a card to travel there.  (Warden of Healing)  Discard is not an enemy.  Exhaust Warden to heal Boromir (D0) and Glory (D1)


End of turn, discard a token from 1B.  Ready everything and raise threat to 34.  Exhaust Asfaloth to discard Hills as the active location.


Turn 8

Draw Close Call.  Exhaust Master for Dunedain Warning which is immediately played on Boromir.  Play Song of Wisdom on Glory. Resources G1, A1, B1.  (I’m not playing the second Warden of Healing because of a certain Shadow effect.)


Quest with Glory only (WP3) and reveal Hithaeglir Stream (Th3).  No progress.  Travel to Stream.  Exhaust Warden to heal Aragorn and Glory (D0 & D0)


End of turn discard my hand and draw Master of the Forge and Gondorian Shield. Raise threat to 35 and ready everything.  Two tokens back on 1B


Turn 9

Draw Dunedain Warning and Light of Valinor (thanks to Hithaeglir Stream).  Exhaust Master and completely wiff.  Glory plays the Warning on Boromir.  Aragorn plays Master of the Forge who exhausts for Steward of Gondor.  Boromir plays Steward on himself and exhausts it for 2.  I’m only looking for the last Dunedain warning now.


Quest with Glory and Refugee (WP5) and reveal Hills of Dunland (Th2).  Place 3 progess on Stream and exhaust Asfaloth to place 2 on Hills.


End of turn discard my hand and draw Feint and Warden of Healing.  Threat to 36 and ready everything.


Turn 10

Draw Elrond’s Council and Close Call.  Exhaust Master 1 for nothing.  Shuffle and exhaust Master 2 for another Gondorian Shield.  Exhaust Asfaloth to remove Hills of Dunland.  Resources G2, A1, B5.


Quest with Glory and Refugee and play Elrond’s Council (WP6 and threat to 33) and Reveal In Need of Rest.  Attach to Glory.  1 progress on Stream and two on the quest (13/18).


End of turn, remove a token from 1B, put 1 damage on Glory and ready everything.


Turn 11

Draw Feint.  Master 1 draws Burning Brand.  Shuffle and Master 2 draws Dunedain Warning.  Boromir plays Warning on himself.  Resources G3, A2, B7.


And here we go… 


Quest with Glory, Refugee and Aragorn (7) and reveal Frenzied Attack.  Draw Arwen. Discard Warden of Healing and Quest 1B is complete.


Munuv Duv Ravine becomes the active location. I discard Asfaloth, Gondorian Shield, Burning Brand, Silvan Refugee and 2 Masters of the Forge, keeping only the Warden of Healing.  Proceed to 2B.  I find a Board Clan Stalker in the encounter deck and put it into play engaged with me.  I shuffle the encounter deck and my discard pile into my deck.


Boromir exhausts to defend against BCS.  This time BCS has no tokens on him, but his shadow counts so he’s attacking for 2 (he gets +1 from Ravine).  Alas, Boromir is defending 5 so no damage.  Warden exhausts to heal Glory.  Glory and Aragorn send BCS to his final resting place.  Proceed to 3A.


Chief Turch comes into play engaged with me.  Proceed to 3B, Timed 5.  Threat to 34 and ready everyone.


This is going to be so ugly for the bad guys…


Turn 12

Draw Light of Valinor.  Add resources.  Aragorn plays Burning Brand on Boromir.  Boromir plays Gondorian Shield on himself.  Glory brings Arwen in.  Boromir will be defending 8 with no threat of Shadow.  And we have two Feints and a Close Call in hand.


Quest with Glory, Aragorn (ready UC) and Arwen (+1 Df to Boromir).  Reveal In Need of Rest and attach it to Aragorn.  5 progress on Ravine.


Turch attacks and Boromir defends.  ‘Nuff said.


End of turn, remove 1 time counter from 3B (4) and ready everyone, one damage to Aragorn and Glory.  Threat to 35.


Turn 13

Exhaust Warden to heal Aragorn and Glory.  Draw Elrond’s Council.


Quest with Glory, Aragorn, Arwen and Elron’s Council (Th32, WP 8).  Reveal Wild Men of Dunland and attach to the current quest. It surges into Boar Clan Warrior (Th2).  Ravine is discarded.


Boar Clan Warrior engages.  1 Time counter from 3B (3).  1 damage to Glory and Aragorn.


Boromir defends BCW (no effect), readies (Threat 36) and defends against Turch (no effect).  Warrior dies from Glory and Aragorn.  Boromir readies Warden who then heals Aragorn and Glory.


End of turn, remove another time counter from 3B (2), raise threat to 37 and ready everyone.  Aragorn and Glory take 1 damage which Warden promptly heals.  Aragorn resets threat to 28.


Turn 14

Draw Master of the Forge and put one damage on Aragorn.  Aragorn plays Master, who digs up Unexpected Courage which Glory promptly puts on Boromir.  Resources G2, A3, B14.


Glory, Aragorn (ready UC) and Arwen Quest (Boromir +1).  Reveal Dunland Chieftain.


Engage Dunland Chieftain which removes a token from the quest (1) giving Glory and Aragorn 1 damage. Boromir Feints both Cheiftain and Turch.  The three heroes destroy the Chieftain.  Boromir readies Warden twice and Aragorn and Glory are healed.


End of Turn, remove the final counter from 3B and Turch attacks.  Boromir readies via Unexpected Courage and Turch wiffs again.


I win the game… yet somehow I’m taken prisoner?

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At end of turn you should refresh characters and attachments and then the last time counter is removed at end of refresh phase. So at the end of the game, Threat would go up 1 and no need to ready Boromir with UC since he will be ready for final attack.

Good report. Seems like these 3 heroes accomplish most tasks for you. Ever change it up?

Edited by Tracker1

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I don't really like unsleeving everything and then sleeving back up again. But I am getting a bit bored with them. I really liked my elves deck, but it couldn't handle the quick onslaught that we were getting in the first Isengard quest. Maybe after we get a few more Silvan cards.

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I think there was a slight mistake during Quest card 2. When you combine your draw and discard after getting the Stalker out, you have to draw a card, so the stalker would have a token on him.

Great write up. This may be my new favorite quest. Brutal, but brutal in design not just insanely strong enemies. Really takes some strategy.

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